Monday, May 10, 2010

Really, George Rekers, Really?: Just Give Us the Straight Story about the Whole Rentboy Debacle

When the GOP and the right cloaked themselves in the mantle of “family values,” they made a very politically astute move.  In one bold, decisive stroke the party managed both to claim the moral high ground and align themselves with God.  Therefore by challenging the GOP party and its ideology, by extension you also challenge divine law and pre-established notions of normalcy and morality.

This position becomes exceptionally useful in a nation most people incorrectly identify as a Christian nation founded on Christian principles despite much evidence to the contrary.

However, by claiming the moral high ground as its own, the GOP and those on the right also invite added scrutiny;  every moral failing, every lapse in judgment, takes on a heightened significance.  And because we are human beings and, as such, given to human frailties, foolishness is bound to happen at some juncture.  Then comes the charges of hypocrisy and rightly so.

Take for instance one Professor George Rekers.  Professor Rekers has made a career out of persecuting the gay and lesbian community.  Then just last week, reports surfaced in various media of Professor Rekers’ recent trip to Europe on which he was accompanied by a twenty year old male escort he picked up on an online site entitled  According to Professor Rekers, the young man accompanied him to Europe because he, Rekers, had recently had surgery and needed someone to carry his bags.

Really, Professor Rekers, really?

Because if I needed someone to accompany me on a trip to carry my bags, I would probably first call my young nephew who just graduated from college in December and cannot yet find a job.  He could more that likely use the money.  Or I would call the lazy, good for nothing son of my fourth cousin, once removed, on my step-father’s side.  He’s lazy, but he will work when pressured.  At the very least, I wouldn’t have sought out an aide from some site named

And I don’t want to be judgmental, so let’s just conclude he really didn’t know what really was.  But the strapping, shirtless youth on the landing page should have been a clue, along with the warning that “This site might contain content or materials of a graphic and/or sexual nature.”

However, Professor Rekers may very well have missed these clues and assumed that the strapping, shirtless lad was just an example of the strong young workers on hand to be rented for odd jobs like bag carrying. 
Yet, once you enter the site there is no way you can miss the assorted collection of scantly clothed men and throbbing blue veiners that seem to kind of jump out at you like pages in a really naughty pop-up book.   You didn’t realize it was a gay escort site then, Professor Rekers?

Really, Professor Rekers, really?

But let’s still give him the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps he was in a hurry and noted the young men pictured in the sidebar gently cupping each other’s naughty bits and reasoned that if they could hold private parts like that, then certainly they possessed the manual dexterity requisite for carrying bags.

However, that does not explain the contract he drew up with the young man he chose, Lucien:

Young Lucien had to be in his presence eight hours a day?  Two meals together?  And a one hour sexual message a day?  What is a sexual message anyway?  And why would a straight man really desire another man to give him a sexual message?

Really, Professor Rekers, really?

Let’s just drop the whole charade and assume Professor George Rekers is queer.  And I think no less of him because he is queer;  however, I do take great umbrage at the fact that not only has he spent his life in denial of just who and what he is, as is his right, but he then made it his pronounced mission to make the lives of others of the same orientation a living hell.  There is a certain hypocrisy here that cannot be excused, that must be decried in the loudest, shrillest tones.

Why don’t we try this?  Why don’t we just embrace our humanity and relinquish our control of the moral high ground to whatever gods may be, and then seek to live the best lives we can lead while assisting others to live the best lives they can lead without judgment.

Professor Rekers, if you did this, you could go on trips all around the world and get absolutely whoever you want to carry your bags without consequence.  That is unless some asshole like you comes along and tries to use it against you for political and financial gain.  Really.
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