Sunday, March 29, 2009

Negro, Please!

When Michael Steele was selected chairman of the Republican National Committee, I must say that I was more than a little skeptical. I mean, this followed right on the heels of the elections. The country had just selected its first black president and the republicans had been trounced. Then, Michael Steele is selected. Sounds a little suspicious, does it not?

But I wanted to give him a chance. I wanted to believe that he was selected on his merits and not just as a token. But things quickly fell apart.

I will not recapitulate the whole sequence of events that led me to believe that Michael Steele is but a figurehead, but let’s just say the whole Rush Limbaugh debacle caused me to lose any respect I had for him.

Everytime he opens his mouth he loses credibility. He showed up on CNN this weekend claiming that the whole Rush Limbaugh episode was part of some master plan. This makes no sense. For one, if this whole thing was planned, what was the end result supposed to be? It did nothing to further Steele’s cause. In fact, it made the whole Republican Party seem like a ship of fools. Secondly, if it was planned, why was it that Steele emerged from the whole affair looking like a complete punk? Why would anyone put themselves in such a position for any reason? See the video below for a glimpse of this foolishness.

Steele also claims that Obama has rebuffed all his attempts at a dialogue. This I believe. Why would anyone want to be caught up with a negro like Steele?

Steele states further that he does have political aspirations for the future that might even involve the presidency if God gives him the go ahead. If Steele really believes that he has any political future after the events of late, he is more disillusioned than he was when he allowed himself to believe he was really in charge of the Republican National Committee.


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