Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Black Confederate" travels the country in Confederate uniform, waving rebel flag: Pride or self-deprecation?

Noted playwright August Wilson asserts that the South constitutes the true ancestral and cultural homeland of Black Americans. And whether this is true or not, I love living in the South. Even though I have and have had opportunities, perhaps even better opportunities, if I were to move elsewhere, I remain here [see my previous post on the subject]. Having lived in various places throughout the United States as well as the world, the South is where I am most comfortable; the pace of life, the traditions and customs, the familiar accents all comfort me.

But in this short clip of a gentleman, who according to him is the immediate past president of his local chapter of the NAACP and who has decided to embrace all facets of his Southern heritage and has taken to traveling the country in a Confederate uniform, waving a Confederate flag, it seems has taken his love for the South a bit too far.

Now I don’t believe Black Americans are a monolithic people, and I do respect the attitudes and beliefs of African Americans who do not think exactly like me; diversity of thought, in fact, I believe to be a good thing. But in the same instance, I believe this gentleman is a bit off his rocker. It seems self-deprecation has hit a new low. What’s your opinion?


The Black Bot said...

Okay, this man has simply flipped.

I'm from the Southern United States; however I feel no need to embrace my supposed Southern heritage, which simply bigotry and hatred. We should acknowledge our history but we shouldn't celebrate it as he is here. To me, doing so would be similar to a German waving the Nazi flag because he wants to embrace his heritage. Why should AAs love a symbol that justified the oppression of our ancestors? This man is a complete loon!

Secondly, I can't stand people like this because racist love to use them to justify their actions.

msladydeborah said...

I am not sure if this is the best way to display his love for his Southern roots. But I am a midwestern born woman and my family is highly concentrated in the eastern portion of the nation.

It is like an oxy-moron in my opinion. Giving kudos to the symbols of oppression is not my idea of root connection. But if he feels it is what he wants to do with his life-cie la vie!

SkeptikOne said...

This brother may be taking it a bit far these days, however he is right on his history. More than 65,000 slaves and free blacks are known to have fought for the confederacy. That is more than fought for the North.

The Confederate colored troops weren't recognized officially until late in the war, but they fought from the beginning in all battles including manning the Richmond Howitzers at Manassas.

There is a Confederate Museum, I think in NC where the chief historian is a Black man. Met him last year. He and his White cousin, for real, also a historian, travel the country giving talks about the South and their family. They are descended from black and white southern soldiers.

The Black man, was recruited to work in the museum by Jefferson Davis' granddaughter..

Lyn Marie said...

I'm sorry but over 180,000 free Black men and escaped slaves fought for the North. (With additional 29,000 that were part of the Navy.) Many of those that fought for the South did so because they went into battle (forced into battle)with their slave masters.

While there were those that fought willingly for the confederacy, they are no different than battle women and children that will fight to stay with the person that beats them daily.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Like the old song says, still crazy after all these years...

Anonymous said...

This jackass can't be helped. The damage is done. Even the white guy is embarrassed for him.

Mary said...

There have always been PLENTY of people like the man in the video - black Confederates. When I worked in a certain Atlanta law firm, social security claimants filed disputes regarding their SS benefits. Numerous retirees complained that the government did not calculate the amount of benefits they should receive correctly, having omitted the years they had served as citizens police during the civil rights movement. They explained that their duties were to go to SCLC meetings where Dr. King and others planned marches and report back to their federal bosses. They noted who was there and what was said. The citizens police probably never missed a meeting and some may have held valuable positions in the civil rights movement themselves.

Many people are unaware that the government is graduating classes of citizens police today. One graduation in Louisiana was recently reported in the news. These are your neighbors who watch and report. I have a crew assigned to watch and make reports about my home - who comes, leaves, and especially when I leave. Stalkers are then sent to follow me and be on hand to interfere via remote access if I use PCs in the library (you log in using an electronic library card that can be traced). They worry because I write about THE JOHNNIE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD against minorities and about the need to decriminalize mental illness.

One neighbor of mine said he saw another neighbor steling everyone's garbage on his street. People can learn a lot about you by going through your trash. We still have plenty of black Confederate soldiers. Some are in very responsible positions.

You have a terrific blog! Thanks.

Mary Neal

Steven O'Blenes said...

Having lived in Ireland most of my beloved life, I can tell you all that this isn't a "one of".

The English that enslaved us have twisted history so that even now degradations against us revered as great episodes.

Right or wrong...guess it depends on which side you're on.

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