Sunday, January 3, 2010

Freedom through Speech Radio: The New Year's Resolution Show

Do me a favor. Take a good look at the video above. You don’t need to watch all of it, but just enough to get the gist of what the brother is attempting to articulate. The brother Paul Brunson, who bills himself as The Modern Matchmaker and a certified life coach, made the video in response to the Washington Post article Bitch Is the New Black which had the black blogosphere all abuzz a few weeks ago.

We began a discussion of the article and the issues it raises on our BlogTalkRadio show, Freedom through Speech Radio, about two Sundays ago, but because of time constraints, we were never able to bring closure to the issue.

But this is the thing with me. I am almost apt to agree with the brother, but in the same instance, I believe that his explanation is only part of the truth; the reasons why successful black women cannot find suitable life mates are so numerous and at once so personal and individual that no singular explanation can suffice. What are your thoughts on this issue?

Also, we will be discussing the events and issues of this past year as well as the events and issues which stand out in the upcoming year. And my co-host and blog sister, OneChele, has a new book which hit bookstore shelves on January 1st, Heard It All Before, so we will definitely have to discuss this.

Our special guests tonight are the gentleman mentioned earlier, Mr. Paul Brunson of, and every man’s dream, Tracy Renee Jones of mebeinganonymous and

So, come on over and join us at 8 PM EST on Freedom through Speech Radio on Blog Talk Radio.


Anonymous said...

Hubris and over appraisal seem to be plaguing these women.

The advanced degrees look great on paper, should be lauded, and should indicate a certain level of sophistication and maturity, but in my experience, unfortunately, these things are not always synonymous. A JD, MBA or PHD, wont transform a black woman who is
NASTY,inconsiderate, selfish,deluded, and of poor character in general, a suitable wife or mother.

Excuse me for being tangential, but it seems that black dysfunction has become prime time media fodder. It is disturbing that black women seem not to think twice about airing our dirty laundry in such a public forum-- but hey they've been throwing black men under the bus for sometime now, so why not. It is another, in a long line of this society's attempt to assassinate the character of black men, and thereby further degrade the black community. Consider the objectivity of these "stories", where is the rebuttal from black men in the dating pool with these women? Oh, I forgot, we're all in, or engaged in something that would lead to prison--or at least thats what these women would like you to believe.

I love black women, but I getting to the point, in light of their seeming willingness to enlist their help in defaming black men, where I question if they are in fact worth the trouble.

vincee101 said...

I too have had enough of this types of women. Thank God I have met African-American sistas with advanced degrees who are down to earth and quite fun to deal with. These are people who were enhanced through attaining their degrees. That is to say, they were of good quality before they earned degrees.

vincee101 said...

Furthermore, isn't it kind of arrogant to assume you should have a mate just because you are whatever you think qualifies you as deserving?

BMW said...
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Kim said...


I'm no longer responding to this subject except to say that this horse, called the single, lonely black woman, is praying to be euthanized it's been beaten to near death.

Lyn Marie said...

I find it ironic that men, specifically Black men are continually demeaning the concerns of Black women and dating while stating that their concerns are somehow more important. Doesn't this personify the great distance that has grown between us? I'm tired of hearing about how our society is assassinating the character of Black men. When Black women are attacked for wanting a specific lifestyle (aka the Cosby Show) their character is called into question. Or that they are "Bitches" for being strong and independent. Aren't we training our daughters to be self-sufficient, especially when the father figure is missing in many of their lives?

If you have had a bad experience with dating or with the people you have chosen perhaps that is a personal issue. If you choose the same type of woman (and color has nothing to do with this) and expect different results perhaps the issue is the person staring you in the mirror. I have chosen bad "boyfriends" in the past. I can not blame them for being who they are. I can reevaluate what and who I'm looking for. And so I evolve.

Sometimes we are doomed to repeat our lessons when we don't learn from them. Take a personal inventory before blame other people for not being who or what you want. Maybe they just didn't get the memo!

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