Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So, now we are comparing the poor to stray animals?

Everyone who blogs on a regular basis, especially those who blog about politics and social issues, can testify that blogging sometimes takes a toll on you, both emotionally and physically. Getting something of substance up on your page every day can sometimes become a real chore.

Not only that, constantly thinking about and dwelling on the abject foolishness which comprises modern politics, not to mention the other extraneous occurrences that erupt from time to time, makes my blood boil and gets under my skin so much so that I have to take a step back, clear my throat, get my thoughts back in order, and find my voice again.

I have always hoped that my blogging voice would be one of clarity, of sanity, that would elucidate, sometimes entertain, sometimes sternly rebuke; however, sometimes rage and disbelief cause that voice to tremble ever so much. Last week was one of those times.

However, I saw the above piece on television on last evening, and I knew that I would have to comment on it, if only briefly.

It seems that Andre Bauer, the Lt. Governor of South Carolina, had the temerity to compare providing sustenance to poor and needy children to feeding stray animals. The reasoning behind not feeding the poor? Because if you feed them, the poor will reproduce. But the word he used was breed.

Okay, now we are talking about other human beings as if we are discussing animals. Come on now. Haven’t we progressed any further than this? And this is a public elected official no less.

I don’t want to get preachy. But part of the problem we face in this country, and elsewhere for that matter, is our sanctimonious display of religiousity—“This is a Christian nation”—tempered by a firm disregard for religious or moral principle.

As of this morning, Lt Governor Bauer still stood behind his statements. I can only hope that the humanity in him wakes up just enough to recognize the humanity in the less fortunate.


Kim said...

If he's talking about the welfare recipient w/ five kids then I agree wholeheartedly, but telling people not to feed the poor goes against the message of Jesus Christ and for that he should receive the backlash and offer an apology.

Anna Renee said...

He probably won't change, and thank God that the majority of Christians do not show this kind of disregard of human life.

RiPPa said...

@Kim:What difference does it make if he was talking about "the welfare recipient w/ five kids,"?

@Max: Good post, my man. I wrote about this yesterday. On my post I featured a video this clown supporting an event in SC that donates shoes to needy children to go to school. Can you say hypocrite?

The thing is, this is part and parcel of the same republican talking points to be elected. Reagan did it with this type of rhetoric to stir up "the base" of his electorate.

Plain and simple the criminalization and debasing of the poor (and we know who the hell he's talking about) is racist.

md20737 said...

It seems as if the poor are not considered human. It shows in how people who dont percieve themselves to above the poor speak and act. When people finally hit rock bottom and we are all without, then they will understand. Its very sad.

Kim said...

I'm speaking of people abusing the system and there should not be generations of families on welfare..multiple births when you cant' afford one. I have seen it up close...that's cool act like you don't know. later! I'm all for feeding the poor.. I've don't it plenty of times, you should try it, it will do your soul some good..running ya mouth!!

RiPPa said...

@Kim: But see, that's the common misconception pushed about welfare that is similar to what this clown in SC said the other day.

Since "Wefare" has been reformed under Clinton, less time is spent on welfare. Actually, you're not permitted by law to spend any more than five cumulative years on welfare anymore. But see these republican talking points gives the wrong perception.

Read more here:


RiPPa said...

@Kim: I gave you the wrong link. Here's the proper information which dispels much of the common perceptions of welfare.


Lyn Marie said...

Poverty is a generational problem, just like drug addiction, physical and emotional abuse and obesity. It is about behavior, behavior can't not be corrected just by wishing it so or even working hard to avoid you're addiction. We all fall, we all make mistakes but if you make a mistake when you're poor it will take 5 times as long to correct it than if you were middle or upper class.

Education is the real ticket out of poverty but how can you value something that hasn't been valued in your home. Your first value is food and safety something that can be difficult to find when your food stamps run out or your check doesn't cover your rent.

I find it ironic that a party that claims to be on the side of Jesus rarely follows through with his teachings!

Kim said...

I didn't even click on the link because I don't need to read anything that I have seen with my own eyes, even within my own family. I'm not even speaking about people who are acually POOR.

ProfGeo said...

Max, good points in your post. In my dreams I'd like to see Andre BRAUGHER (as the detective from Homicide: Life on the Street) kick some butt on Andre BAUER! (I'm surprised no one has mentioned this...)

Lyn Marie said...

Poor in mind, body and spirit is still poor.

Andre said...

Elitism and coldness clearly and unapologetically on display. Score another one for the Republicans.

The problems with Bauer and his ilk is that they fail to see the trees from the forest. In many respects, Bauer is absolutely right. In others, he's so far from the truth it's scary.

In my hometown of Flint, it's not uncommon to see people with freshly done hair and nails, plasma TVs, new furniture, Baby Phat clothing, five kids, a bridge card. What motivation do people like this have to get jobs like the rest of us when they're simply given a bunch of shit? That mentality then works its way down to the new generation and to the one after that; creating this self-perpetuating cycle of government dependence and laziness. So looking at things from that perspective, Bauer is spot on correct. But then...

...there are the millions of Americans with a desire to work and provide for themselves and their families who have been steamrolled by corporate greed, irresponsible banks, Congressional corruption, and a litany of other things that have contributed to their plight. Folks like this aren't asking to be in the top 10% of the wealthy in this country. They're not trying to live on easy street where they live off a welfare check and a bridge card (in fact, many of them are too proud for that). They simply want to live a life where they can provide for their families. It's a shame that people like Bauer puts his foot on their throat each time he makes these kinds of comments.

Even more insane is the fact that people will still support this clown...especially the poor Republicans who have apparently been analogized to stray animals.

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