Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scott Brown Buried under a Avalanche Hate by Those Who Claimed to Love Him Most

It must be really hard out there for a conservative.

Just a little over a month ago, conservatives from every corner were showing mad love to Republican Senator Scott Brown after he won deceased Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy’s Massachusetts’s senate seat in a special election. For days afterward, conservatives could not construct a sentence without a subject, a verb, and Scott Brown (sorry VP Biden).

Conservatives were hanging all off Scott Brown like a cheap suit. He was even being touted, somewhat prematurely I think, as a possible presidential candidate for 2012. He could do no wrong.

But then recently a procedural vote was held on the Senate floor on the new jobs bill, and Senator Brown had the absolute temerity to break ranks with his Republican counterparts along with four other Republican senators and allow the bill to actually be brought to a vote. And now the floodgates of hate have opened. Just check out some of the responses on Senator Brown’s Facebook fans page taken from the site Wonkette:

The whole thing makes no absolute sense whatsoever. What do the Republicans think they would have gained from opposing the jobs bill? It’s obvious that their base was desirous of continuing the obstructionism, but I believe their recalcitrance would have eventually backfired on them. And it is telling that several of the GOP senators who voted against cloture, turned around and voted for the bill. Could this spell an end to Republican obstructionism?

Obstructionism can only be effective for a short length of time. It might work well at the onset, but eventually it will only be seen for what it is. And the truth is that Scott Brown really didn’t have a choice in the matter; he found himself in a damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t position. Yeah, conservatives would have applauded if he had voted against cloture, but his constituents back home would have railed against him.

Yes, Massachusetts did send a Republican to the senate, but Massachusetts remains in large a blue state. And Scott Brown knows this. So even as conservatives fling hate his way by the buckets full, he has nevertheless earned the respect of many for finally doing what the people of Massachusetts sent him to the Senate to do. Let’s hope his GOP colleagues get the message and do the same.


Anna Renee said...

Politricks, a dirty business! Watch your back, Scott!

Charles J said...

Finally someone from the GOP gets it. It's time to start working for the U.S. public and instead of concentrating on the next election.

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