Saturday, April 24, 2010

Need to know just how many chickens to take to the doctor with you under the new GOP health plan? This site allows you to determine just that.

Well the GOP finally unveiled their health care plan.  Well, sort of.  Last week, the likely Republican candidate who will face Senator Harry Reid in the Nevada senate race, Sue Lowden, suggested that we return to the old barter system so that health care might be more affordable to more people.  In her example, she used chickens. 

So, in other words, you go to your doctor, and you pay him in chickens or butter or corn or just whatever you seem to have a whole lot of.  But Rachel Maddow can explain Lowden’s plan better than I can:

Certainly, the question then becomes, well if I am going to pay for my medical care in chickens, just how many chickens do I need to bring with me?  Well, someone has done the math for you.  A site entitled The Lowden Plan will allow you to choose any medical procedure you might be facing, and it will tell you exactly how many chickens you need to take to the doctor’s office with you to settle your bill.

So, need to make sure you have enough chickens to afford getting that brain tumor removed?  Just click here.
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