Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Game On!: Spanx for Men Are Hitting Store Shelves Near You

For the last few weeks I have been watching what I eat and when I can, getting a little exercise in here and there in an effort to trim down a bit and reclaim my health.  But it just did not seem to be happening fast enough for me.  However, now it seems like I’ll be getting a bit of help because Spanx has come out with Spanx for Men.  And you know how well Spanx have worked for the sisters.

That’s right.  All you brothers walking around with a little extra around the waist can now look all brand new.  Just pick up you a pair of Spanx for Men, squeeze your behind into them, and the illusion is complete.  I know I’ll be picking up one or two.  What about you?  And you can thank me later.
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