Monday, May 17, 2010

The Long Shadow Cast by Arizona SB 1070: Georgian College Senior Brought to this Country Illegally at Eleven Faces Deportation

Lately when bigots sense just a little bigotry afoot, they swarm to be a part of it.  I guess all those years living in such a politically correct society have left them eager to practice their bigotry openly now that racial prejudice and animus seem to be making a comeback.

Take, for instance, this case near Atlanta, Georgia.  A young Mexican girl, Jessica Coliti, was brought into this country illegally at the age of eleven.  Now she is a senior in college.  But recently during a traffic stop, she was found by police to be an undocumented alien.

After a month in detention, officials finally released her with a year long reprieve before being sent back to Mexico so that she might finish her degree.  Tragic story, but this is when the real foolishness begins in earnest.

As has become a common, recurring theme, a local politician running for higher office, Sheriff Neil Warren, seized upon the moment as an opportunity to score a few political points and strengthen his base.

Perhaps emboldened by the passage of Arizona Senate Bill 1070, Sheriff Warren rearrested Coliti citing her presence in the United States without authority, violating Georgia law by operating a vehicle without a license, and “her blatant disregard for Georgia law by giving false information.” [source]

I’m sure Boss Hogg would have been so proud.

Arizona state officials have one thing right.  This nation needs a comprehensive immigration bill.  This case highlights just how desperately so.  However, their lamentations ring hollow when it has been Republicans who have consistently blocked any efforts to pass such a bill.  Maybe now that the topic is foremost on everyone’s mind, congress will be forced to act.

What do you think?  Should she be allowed to stay, or should she be made to return to Mexico.

h/t RiPPa
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