Monday, May 10, 2010

This Sistah Here Can Sang!: Presenting Avery*Sunshine

You know, I always say that the very best music cannot be found on mainstream radio, or even on the top ten charts, but reside somewhere off the beaten path, sometimes out of an open window, sometimes in a small smoky room, sometimes at some obscure, small town soul food festival, sometimes sitting on a blanket in a park on a lazy Sunday afternoon armed only with a beautiful smile, dimples, and an acoustic guitar.

Good music sometimes sounds best when it surprises you, grabs you, and demands that you sit and listen.

And as of late, my main man Dewan of Soul Reservoir and I have been on a mission to find these hidden jewels and bring them to you.  We complain about the lack of quality music, but we often overlook that which is right there within earshot.

Take this sistah here out of Pennsylvania, Avery*Sunshine, that Dewan pulled my coat to.  So, I’m sitting here listening to a few cuts she is offering as downloads on her site, and scrolling through the picture gallery, and I thanks to myself, “Dang, girl child.”  And you know when I cease thinking and begin thanking, I usually end up in some kind of trouble.  But that sultry, soulful voice coupled with those looks and a personality that shines through even in photographs, even on stage is where the whole concept of soul begins.

Her musical journey has taken her from the church to the stage, even to a number of private performances during President Obama’s inaugural celebrations.  On her first CD which is due out soon, she states that she sings about the possibilities of being a single woman and the promise of God.

But anyway, check out the cuts embedded below, let me know what you think, and throw your full support behind this sister’s career.  And one day when you are driving down the street with her beautiful voice serenading you, and in that brief moment in which everything seems just right in your world, remember that the soulbrother told you so.

Sample band press kits

Avery*Sunshine Homepage
Avery*Sunshine MySpace
Avery*Sunshine on ReverbNation 
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