Friday, October 23, 2009

Another crazy dream, this time involving Grace Jones. Can you interpret this for me?

Those readers who have been following this blog for a while now know that I practice very poor eating and sleeping habits. And when the two poor practices coincide, well I have very horrible, very bizarre dreams. For instance, when I eat pork or anything fried or spicy before I go to sleep, I usually end up having a nightmare. And when I eat fried spicy pork, the nightmares are just that much more terrifying.

But lately I have been having the same recurring nightmare or, perhaps, fantasy; I am unable to distinguish which of the two it is. This nightmare/fantasy involves me, a prehistoric landscape, Grace Jones, and sex.

Let me begin, though, by giving you some background information so that you might better understand the circumstance. When I was a young man and Grace Jones was in her prime, I had a huge celebrity crush on her. I thought that she could quite possibly be the sexiest woman alive. However, when I mentioned this to a group of my close friends, they laughed at me. In fact, they went far beyond just laughing. They ridiculed me until having been shamed so badly, I never mentioned Grace or my adolescent lust for her anymore.

Now fast forward to the present. Every time I eat something that I shouldn’t and then go to sleep, I keep having this recurring nightmare/fantasy. As I have stated, I have grown quite accustomed to this occurring, but never the same dream over and over again.

In this dream, I am strolling haplessly through this barren prehistoric landscape when out of nowhere Grace Jones suddenly appears dressed in primitive garb and clubs me over the head with this huge dinosaur bone, rendering me semi-conscious. She then drabs me back to a cave where for an unspecified amount of time, she makes crazy, unrestrained primordial love to me over and over again.

In my semi-conscious state, I cry for her to stop. I beg her to release me. I try to appeal to her sense of decently by telling her of my wife and children back at the cave. But she doesn’t stop. She just laughs and sneers and continues her assault upon my poor unwilling person.

Finally, she grows bored of me, and then carries me out of her cave and throws me atop a huge dung heap where I am finally eaten by a horde of tiny little dinosaurs. And then I awake. At first I would awake in a panic, all covered with sweat, but lately I have been waking up… Well, let’s just say I have been waking up a bit more excited than I should be after such a horrific dream.

I firmly believe that dreams carry with them some unconscious meaning, but I honestly do not know what to make of this one. I know what Freud would say. He would say simply that it is my long repressed desire for Grace Jones manifesting itself in my dreams. But this explanation seems a bit too simplistic.

And I tried to discuss it with my wife, but the whole thing just served to remind her that I had stained her nice, new chenille bedspread with hot sauce, and the stain won’t come out, so she went on a tirade. I mentioned it to my brother who insisted that it was my inner-freak trying to come out and suggested a guy only excursion to Mexico, but I declined that offer. If I do have an inner-freak, and that inner-freak just happens to burst out, I would certainly want my wife around. I don’t want some inner-freak I am not even aware of getting me into any trouble.

I even called my mother and father to talk to them about. You don't know how hard it was discussing a matter of such a nature with them, but I was desperate. However, each blamed the other’s side of the family for my depraved condition and offered to help me pray my way through this whole ordeal, but I declined.

I think that perhaps I am working a bit too hard. I fear that perhaps I am becoming a bit unhinged. But if I am going crazy, I wish to be the first to know. Can someone help me interpret this dream?


SkeptikOne said...

Let go, Max...Just let go!

One of the best concerts I ever attended was a Grace Jones Concert in 1994-95..she took the stage at midnight and we, meaning the whole audience partied til various stages of undress...both hers and ours.....

One of these days I will mail you the pics to fuel your fantasy/!

Max Reddick said...

Wait a minute. You got nekkid at a Grace Jones concert? You buck wild!

Nicole said...

I adore Grace Jones, she is so amazing! Maybe because you supreseed your feeling for her in the past, she's come back to visit you? To me Grace represents freedom, especially sexual freedom. Perhaps it's time to let loose!

md20737 said...

Indulging in unhealthy eating habits maybe your only way of indulging in forbidden things. The food is representing things you want but know that you should not have but want and get anyway. The crazy dreams are probably just a way to show you that if you acted on your desires and wants in you awake life you would be punished severely. Just my opinion.

The Black Bot said...

I can't believe you talked to your parents about this. Isn't that a bit extreme?

This reminds me of a dream I had. I was in the library when a T-rex invaded and started eating people. I hid, but he found me. The T-rex told me that he wouldn't eat me.

I take it that you watch a lot of Sci-fi. In fact, your dream is similar to a scene in the sequel to Jurassic Park, Lost World. Did you watch that by chance?

Citizen Ojo said...

Frat??? You have got to take better care of yourself...

Keith said...

Hey Max. There is no way I could imagine talking to my parents about something like this. I especially couldn't my mom. lol You definitely must have felt an extreme need. I have no clue. I always like Grace Jones. I never had a crush on her, but I always thought she was awesome. I loved her music and her movies. Most people I knew didn't care for her at all.

Max Reddick said...

@ Nichole

What I have always admired about Grace is her freedom of expression. She just didn't seem to give a darn about what others thought. She just did her. And I always found her beautiful though her look perhaps flies in the face of everything society believes is beautiful.

@ MD20737

There may be a grain of truth in what you say. I think I need to take just a minute or so to go just buck wild. And I need to pull my wife into the buck wildedness with me.

We put forth such an effort to be upstanding people and role models that we forget everyone needs to little buck wildness in their life every now and then. Everyone needs to blow off a little steam every now and then.

I am researching trips to Las Vegas. I understand that Las Vegas is the buck wild capital of the world. And better still, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

@ Black Bot @ Keith

I entered into the conversation with my parents in a joking manner; however, they took it really serious. Going into the conversation I thought they would laugh along with me, but they did not find it all that funny.

@ Citizen Ojo

I know I'm always saying that I plan to take better care of myself, but this time I really mean it. Now half of my household, my two youngest children, are vegetarians and my wife only eats chicken and fish, so I often find myself in the minority when it comes to eating foolishness. And I am beginning to feel very self conscious.

The Uneasy Writer said...

And I thought my dream about spiders and Tom Ford as my bitch the other night was weird! Yikes! Grace Jones?

Well, I have to say, I can see the appeal of Ms. Jones. She's strong, interesting and has a very unique look.
Perhaps you're feeling too in control lately? That's why you're seeking 'comfort' with a woman that can probably kick your ass?

It's just a theory. ;)

Charles J said...

Ok I did not subscribe to the Freaudian school of thought (Object Relations), but here goes...

Hmm Prehistoric times represents your past.

Grace Jones could represent herself or a pass relationship with a women from your past.

The sex is no consensual, so that may represent a woman using you (physcially, mentally or spirtually) and after she uses you she throws you away.

As for the sexual component of the dream you may even have enjoyed this women in your life at one point, but the relationship grew lackluster.

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