Monday, October 26, 2009

Joy Comes in the Morning [For a friend who is going through something]

Journey, journey, this is my journey. Where am I going? Where have we been? --African Proverb

“You can never step into the same river; for new waters are always flowing on to you.” --Heraclitus of Ephesus

Earlier this year, some time right after the year began, I found myself at one of the lowest points of my life. For a brief moment, just a moment, I lay down prostrate; I allowed myself to grieve. But then I got to my feet, shook myself off, and moved forward. And to encourage myself, I penned this short poem:

Joy Comes in the Morning

by Maxwell René Reddick

Often I’ve awaken to find myself

Completely lost within the darkness

Of a night of sorrow,

Completely sheathed in a darkness

So vast, so black, so utterly vile,

That it threatens to suffocate me,

And crush the very life breath from my being.

But I hold fast

And I wrap myself

In the cloak of my loved ones

To keep the cold at bay.

I soothe myself with pleasant memories

Of bright, warm noon days.

I bite my lip,

I clench my fists,

I fight back the sobs,

And I wait,

Patiently I wait—

For I know that joy, true joy

Always comes with the morning.

You know life is funny. By the time you think you have this whole thing figured out, you look to find that much of it is behind you. How many times have we said, “I wish I knew then, what I know now.” But such is the nature of life.

However, over the course of my life I have found that there will be good days, and there will be bad days. The trick is to control those things that you can control, and for those things you cannot, hold tight, pray hard, and know that when you come out on the other side, you come out as a new person—better, stronger, wiser.

And know that in those days between trial, between tribulation, live life to the fullest. Embrace each day for of all the gifts one might receive, the gift of life is the greatest. Learn what you can, love as you can because you will not pass this way again, and on this journey you cannot truly know where you are going without taking account of where you have been.

It will work out. It will get better. Be thankful for this lesson, and move forward with all deliberate haste. You have my undying affection and support; I am with you now, and I will be there for you on the other side.


Keith said...

Thank you for sharing this. I've been down in a funk the last couple of years. A new company took over where I work. We have a lot of trouble with our new boss. There have been a lot of ups and downs since he took over. It's hard to find other work right now. I stay down quite often. Also I'll be turning 40 in a little over a year. I think I'm looking back at my life. It's things like you posted that help me try to stay positive. I do appreciate you posting that. Take care.

LoudPen said...

Thanks for posting this Max. Like Keith, I've also been experiencing the ups & downs of the job. I really want to leave & even told one of my supervisors that I would be out by January. Now, my main boss is saying that she found more money in the budget to keep me here, but, I don't want to stay b/c I'm not happy working here.

Plus, I only make enough money to pay my bills working here so staying here means I will continue to barely float above water. But, at least it's guaranteed money. I'm so confused as to what to do.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post Max. I have been at the lowest point of my life too recently and I did not think I had the strength to pull myself back up. And I was right I didn't. It was only through my faith in God and loving friends was I able to see my way through to the other side. Which seems so much brighter now. Trials will come and go always it is the nature of life. But having supportive friends who give you words of encouragement through what they experienced is a true gift. Your positive words will no doubt lift the spirits of many.

Nicole said...

Something told me to check out your blog today! I suppose we're all going through something. Things have been tight finacially, my job really doesn't fullfill me anymore, and I've been feeling depressed on, and off for the past four months. It's nice to know that your not alone in the world. Thank you for this post:)

Max Reddick said...

@Keith & @Loudpen

I, too, am at a crossroads when it comes to my job. I used to absolutely love what I do. In fact, there were days when I couldn't even get to sleep because I was so exited to get back to class the next day. But now I have grown bored with it. Now it seems I am just going thru the motions.

But I dare not tempt fate. I know so many others who are not working, and I am so blessed to have a job. So, I guess I will simply put my nose to the grindstone and continue doing what I am doing until I see another door open up.


Thank you. There are so many people in the blogosphere tearing others down; however, I like to build others up.


You are welcome. And every now and then, everyone feels as you do now.

Keith said...

I'm just getting by. I make enough money to pay my bills, but that's it. There's nothing really left over. I'm definitely not happy where I'm at. It's not fulfilling at all. I wake up in the morning with a grimace on my face. I'd like to do something that I enjoy and am passionate about. It would be great to do something that would help out others. I don't dare leave my job since there is nothing really out there. I'm just thankful to have a job when so many others are out of work.

LoudPen said...

@Max & @Keith

Amazing that we are all in the same position. Max, like you I'm just holding onto this until something else opens up. Let's all try to hang in there & support each other.

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