Saturday, October 10, 2009

Congratulations to President Obama, and my condolences to the right

I know this comes a day late, but yesterday I awoke to learn, as did perhaps the rest of the country, that President Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. And like the rest of the country and maybe the world, this really took me by surprise; I didn’t see this one coming. Nevertheless, I do extend to President Obama my hardiest congratulations. And to the right, I extend my sincerest condolences.

At one time, the actions of the right following the election and inauguration of the president surprised me. But little by little, episode by episode, they one-upped themselves on absurdity.

I think my incredulity began right after they announced Sarah Palin as a candidate for vice-president. Even as it became clearer that she lacked even the most basic qualifications for the office, the right solidified in their support of her. And almost as if they were sensing an imminent defeat, as the campaign wore on, the tone became nastier and nastier.

I believe at that time they too could sense the beginning of the end. They too realized just how preposterous her candidacy was, but they obstinately refused to admit such and held on to the very end.

And then following the inauguration, I thought the worst had finally passed. I thought that this country would move forward politically. I thought republicans would gracefully conceded defeat. And for a minute it seemed that they would do so, but then the foolishness began anew with even greater virulence and even greater antipathy.

Instead of getting out front leading, the republicans decided to follow the most obstinate, contentious, and seemingly racist and off kilter elements of the right. And with each new obstructionist tactic, they seemed to sink lower and lower until nothing they did surprised me anymore.

But then not too long ago, a conservative writer wrote a piece suggesting that President Obama’s administration should be deposed via a military coup. The article was subsequently pulled but not before someone was able to take screen shots of it and circulate it around the net. Just the very appearance of such an article suggests how desperate the right is and how far they are willing to go.

Also, implicit in this notion is the fear of what would happen if the President does succeed in his agenda. Such a success could change the paradigm of power in this country. Such a success could mean the diminished power of the upper classes and a resurgence of the middle class which all but perished under the Bush administration.

Thus the celebration when President Obama failed in his attempt to bring the Olympics to Chicago. And thus the reaction from the right when President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The recent gathering momentum of the Healthcare Reform effort and President Obama’s securing of the Nobel Peace Prize seem to signal just such impending success. And if Healthcare Reform goes smoothly, it opens the doorway to the success of the rest of his agenda.

But it gets even uglier from here because with every success, the opposition will simply get that much more obstinate and outlandish in its resistance. And in their obstinacy and outlandishness lies the seeds of their undoing. And for that they have my sincerest condolences.

As time moves forward, their position gets that much more untenable. And should Healthcare Reform succeed, should the economy right itself, should Americans go back to work, their attempt to portray President Obama as an incompetent outsider intent on destroying the country from within becomes an even harder sell.


Kim said...

I too was surprised, but pleased that the President had won this honor. You know it's almost confusing to watch the President's detractors who quickly touted that he hasn't been in office long enough to have earned such an honor but of course think the nine months that he has been in office he should have repaired all the damage from the former administration.. of course.
I don't know why we are still shocked at the treatment our President receives...not much has changed in America. An African-American first will almost always have difficulty especially earning a position that was created for and thought to be reserved for white men only. I always think about Hank Aaron when he was about to break Babe Ruth's home run record.. He got all kinds of hate mail, threats against himself and his family, his daughter had to have security guards with her as she attended Fisk University, but he just kept on and gave that hate zero energy.
Hank Aaron # 44 President Obama #44.... love that!

autoegocrat said...

I'm of the belief that Obama won this thing for simply getting elected. The Republican Party's commitment to endless war, secret prisons, torture, greed and death is the greatest threat to peace and stability in the world today. I think he deserves at least two Nobel Prizes just for keeping Sarah Palin out of the White House.

The terrifying truth that none of these Republicans want to confront is that people all around the world absolutely love Barack Obama, they simply can't get enough of him, while Republican ideology is universally reviled across the globe. The international community can't stand these Republican thugs, and that truth is so utterly unthinkable to them that they have to bury themselves in denial, hate, and Kenyan conspiracy theories.

I'm really enjoying this. I have no condolences for those freaks whatsoever. They are nothing but a bunch of devil-worshiping belly-dragging reptiles, and watching them lose their minds over this fills me with enough goodwill and cheer to want to go out and buy a cheeseburger for every homeless person I see.

I hope they give Obama a Nobel Prize for every remaining year of his presidency. I'm about half convinced that the Prize Committee saw how much fun we were having when we voted him in office the first time that they just wanted a little piece of that action for themselves.

Constructive Feedback said...

Maxwell Riddick:

Why do you keep things in terms of Democrat and Republican; Leftwing and Right?

Earlier this week I saw the US Attorney General and the US Edu Secretary go to Chicago to give their CONDOLENCES to the Black kids who were murdered in the City of Chicago.

Please recall that in our history books the Eisenhower Administration called out the National Guard to protect the lives of Black people who were threatened with physical assault or murder from Klan forces. Today the President of the United States is NOT doing so per the threat of these particular forces.

Here is what I posted on my blog site to capture what I am seeing in Black America that is disturbing me greatly: Obama is the Poster Child For Black People To View:

It seems that most of the Black people who I converse with would rather have me focused upon the battle with the REPUBLICANS and FOX NEWS and thus "get on the team" as we fight for our RACIAL INTERESTS.

I can't help but to note, however, that when this is what we are driven today we, by default, insure that Democrats and Progressives control more of the lands where we live.

In as much as MY POLITICAL ACTIVISM focuses upon the attainment of Quality schools, safe streets and strong local economies I can't help but note that these points have not been obtained despite all of the portraits of favorable leadership that now adorn our walls.

The city of Chicago should be a reference point of how we should benefit from the focus that our leadership has directed us toward yet despite the fact that Chicago:

* The Mayor is a Democrat
* 49 of the 50 Aldermen are Democrats
* The School Superintendent is a Democrat
* The School Board is made up of all Democrats
* Every State Rep From Chicagoland is a Democrat
* Every State Senator From Chicagoland is a Democrat
* The State House is Controlled by the Democrats
* The State Senate is Controlled by the Democrats
* All US Reps from Chicagoland are Democrats
* Both US Senators from IL are Democrats
* The Governor Is A Democrat
* The LT Governor Is A Democrat
* The US House Is Controlled by the Democrats
* The US Senate Has A Filibuster Proof Democratic Majority

to top it all off - the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES comes from Chicago, is a Democrat and is a Black guy.

As long as I focus on WHAT YOU WANT ME TO FOCUS UPON, SoulBrother - I won't ever bother to question if my PERMANENT INTERESTS are being delivered upon as I volley back and forth with the Republicans.

Which Republicans are responsible for the murder and destroyed Black lives in the Southside of Chicago and other places?

Instead of claiming that "We should vote Republican for change" I instead charge that "WHAT EVER WE HAVE BEEN LEAD TO BELIEVE THUS FAR......AIN'T WORKING!!!. Time to try a new strategy that doesn't just make Democrats powerful while leaving our community hanging on HOPE".

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]The Republican Party's commitment to endless war, secret prisons, torture, greed and death is the greatest threat to peace and stability in the world today. I think he deserves at least two Nobel Prizes just for keeping Sarah Palin out of the White House.[/quote]


In reading your words my "mind's eye" literally shed a tear.

I did not realize I did not realize that you are so devoted to "Fighting Republicans" than you are in "Achieving Your PERMANENT INTERESTS".


Don't you see that as long as Black Americans BATTLE IN THE FOOTBALL GAME that Malcolm X called out decades ago it is OUR PERMANENT INTERESTS that remain as on "Injured Reserve"?

Harold Michael Harvey said...

You have a sharp political eye and an insightful writing style.

Lyn Marie said...

@ Constructive Feedback

It seems that most of the Black people who I converse with would rather have me focused upon the battle with the REPUBLICANS and FOX NEWS and thus "get on the team" as we fight for our RACIAL INTERESTS.

I believe the reaction to Fox and the Radical Left Wing is an emotional one. The propaganda and at times, down right lies about the policies and beliefs of Democrats is insulting to those that believe they are working for a better tomorrow. Policies are both good and bad but many people get involved in government because they think they may be able to make it work for the average person. (Not everyone but enough that their motivations should not be overlooked)

I've read a few of your responses on other subjects to note the disdain or distrust in the party system. (If I am misunderstanding your perspective please let me know.) We have a two party system, for all practical purposes, How else do we define political matters if not in Republican or Democrat?

SjP said...

I was surprised, too! All I can say to the right and the haters is Booyah! In Yo' Face!

Constructive Feedback said...

Lyn Marie:

My disdain is not for the "party system". Political parties have their purpose: Obtain and Retain POWER.

My disdain is for the Black establishment per their DEAL with a POLITICAL PARTY.

They have clearly:

1) Told the Democrats that we will go into the Black community and dredge votes for your benefit IF you provide for us.

2) We will market a message TO BLACK PEOPLE that stitches "Black Best Interests" with "THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY'. Thus "as the Democratic Party goes - so goes the Black Community".

Lyn - I only choose so go straight at this claim to BEAR IT OUT. Where there is total Democratic domination (Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, Philly, Atlanta, Memphis) there should be grand Black prosperity - as we were told on the front end.

Instead, per the way we are made to think: Increased Democratic control over more of our key institutions while problems remains IS PROOF that we must "Keep Trying Harder", changing the nation at higher levels, so that more equal results can be had throughout the nation.

Ironically the more that our communities suffer (see Detroit) it doesn't result in a purge of those who have control of that specific place. Instead it means "See this nation is an unfair place we need to change it from the top down".

The Black Establishment has sold our people upon "Black Unity". They are talking about "Black Unity while VOTING FOR THE DEMOCRATS".

I argue that we should UNIFY behind the fundamental principles of:

* Safe Streets
* Quality Schools
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyles

We need to DO BATTLE over the METHODOLOGY of how this should be achieved. (THIS is the level where ideology should be placed). From there the Parties are merely VEHICLES by which the methodology is carried out.

Unfortunately Blacks (such as SoulBrother) are so keyed in upon the FIGHT between the Democrats and Republicans that he and many other Blacks focus on "Republican opinions" rather than the FAILURE TO DELIVER UPON OUR PERMANENT INTERESTS in our communities, by the people who are in power WITHIN.

It is clear to me that those who are in power have a vested interest in RETAINING POWER and thus if they can get Black folks to play "team sports" at the PARTY level - they escape the criticism and ouster that their results have mandated.

My stated goal is to "Remove the Democratic Party OUT OF THE RACIAL NUCLEUS OF BLACK AMERICA. They need to be pushed to the periphery and made to COMPETE FOR OUR LOYALTIES based upon the results that have been rendered. This also means that certain Black Leaders who have have had unchecked access to the core of our racial consciousness - working to insure that this EXTERNAL FORCE remains entrenched must also be pushed to the outside.

The critical question for Black America is: "Do you desire to cheer for the victories of forces that are outside of your community OR do you wish to build up the infrastructure and culture of your own community?"

In summary Lyn - the present order and loyalties are a THREAT to us ever making exclusive focus upon our own communities.

The Black Establishment is SOLD OUT. They simply have "Sold Out" positions that are POPULAR with many Blacks and thus are not called as such.

Lyn Marie said...

@ Constructive Feedback
You make some valid points, however you assumption is, loyality is blind. I am a Democrat not because I am blind to the social problems that still exists even in Democratically controlled cities.

I am a Democrat because the social programs they support. Some of those programs helped me obtain both of my degrees, they also helped to insured my son when I couldn't afford the $800 a month insurance premium at my place of employment. For me the Democrats consider the lower and middle classes more than the Republican party. Of course they can not solve all of the problems, especially if they are corrupt politicians. Both parties have equal amounts of corruption.

Large cities like Chicago and Detroit have deep issues than who's holding the title of Mayor. In a recent interview with the mother of Derrion Albert she said that the adults of the community are afraid to leave their homes, afraid of the teenagers hanging out in the streets. This is not completely the result of a bad Mayor. There has to be some accountability with the parents of these young men. I cannot imagine fearing my son. Of course there are a number of issues playing out, poverty, lack of quality education, lack of opportunity, etc. There has been a shift in our society that goes beyond which party you are a member.

My issue with Fox News and the like is their disregard for an honest conversation. Let's talk, let's agree, let's disagree but the lies and personal attacks are too much.

I voted for President Obama, first because I liked the direction he said he wanted to go in (I'm not sure if he'll get there). I did not vote for him because he's Black (biracial-my people are taking over:)but it was nice to see someone that looked liked me. I could have voted for John McCain if he remained true to himself but he sold out to beliefs that weren't his and he picked a partner that frankly speaking, needs to read a book once in a while! What was he thinking!

The unifying principles you speak of are ones "we" can get behind. Max has often spoke of these principles on this blog. Now if you'd like to start a Black Independent Party with a strong platform that works on the ills of society, I'll join!

My party affiliation does not mean I've sold out or I'm ill informed or deserving of ridicule for a differences of beliefs. I respect you beliefs and believe they hold merit but so do mine.

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