Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Music Find: Funk Forever!

For this tonight’s new music spotlight, I have a new site for you——in lieu of an artist. But in recommending this site, it’s necessary that I reveal something very personal to you.

The man you know as my father is not my father. The woman you know as my mother is not my mother. After the Mothership landed on stage in Houston in 1976 during perhaps the greatest Parliament/Funkadelic concert ever, the stage crew found me safely stored away in a corner of the ship.

As the Parliament/Funkadelic family gathered around, George Clinton wrapped me in the very raiment he had worn on stage that night. The band wanted to keep me and raise me on the road; however, the people you know as my mother and father stepped forward and convinced them that the road was no place to raise a child. They agreed to take me home and care for me and raise me in the ways of the Funk.

And this very week, a lurker on this blog stepped forward and revealed himself to me. He identified himself as a soldier from an ancient guild sworn to protect the Funk and keep it alive for all generations. And he recognized me as the child they had been looking for for so long; a child sent to earth to aid them in their mission, to spread the message that the Funk lives to all corners of the globe.

There was a child before me, soulbrother v.1, but he mysteriously disappeared during the Nixon administration and has never been heard from again.

These gentlemen have put together perhaps the most comprehensive collection of Funk known. They have gathered rare, little known cuts, live performance videos, interviews—anything pertaining to the Funk.

Let me now ask you this question: Where do you get your funk from? And if you do not currently have a Funk home, go on over to their site, the repository of the Funk——and get all Funked up before it’s too late.

And if you are suffering from any ailments—the nubs, gout, a bad overbite--just put keep your hands on the keyboard as you surf the site. The Funk not only moves. It removes.

George Clinton himself left a special message for you in support of the Funk Soldiers at Funk Forever. Just click here to watch.


msladydeborah said...

Gosh soulbrother, that would make us relatives. But you would have to be considered my little brother.Because I was a Funkateer when Maggot Brain was spawned into the airwaves.

Oh well, people find family members all the time. And in some of the most unlikely places.

Thanks for sharing the link! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Soulbrother- thank you for the article - we are goint to reprint it (with YOUR permission;) - and post a link to it as well. Unfortunately-funk forever- is working on a special p-funk project -so a person still needs to sign up to get in but it takes 30 seconds.
We are VERY GRATEFUL to you -SIR! for taking a moment to share YOUR pfunk story-and we are Mr. Clinton & co.- will LUV your words-thank you-and thank your wonderful blog for supporting PFunk! F F team!

Keith said...

Hey Max. Such an awesome post. George Clinton is amazing. There's just nobody out there quite like him. So many great funk classics. His music always put me in a good mood. Hope you have a funky week ahead!

Junior/27thAve said...

Being a part of the Funk Special Forces, it is my duty to rally up other Funk Soldiers like yourself to help us carry out our mission to Save The Funk, and bring it back to the forefront in its rightful home, that home being our entire universe.

Thank you once again for this awesome post Max...and make sure you stay on the mission! I retreat back to lurker mode. ;-)

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