Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Music Find: Mickey Factz

I am trying desperately to love hip hop again. Our relationship was never that strong anyway. Just when I was getting to know hip hop, just when I was starting to really get into hip hop, things changed so drastically that I could hardly recognized hip hop anymore.

Gone were those things I loved so. Gone was the creativity. Gone were the clever lyrics and insightful social commentary. These were instead replaced by crass materialism, misogyny, and just outright buffoonery.

However, I think I have found the perfect emissary between the two of us. Someone to bring us together again. Some to help me look past hip hop’s faults and imperfections and see the good that exists way deep down inside. That person is this kid out of NYC, Mickey Factz.

Yeh, Mickey is the truth, the whole package. Boundless energy. Clever, insightful lyrics. Melodious flow. Absolutely captivating. I’m almost angry that I took so long to discover his music. That his name is not more well known is a testimony to the state of rap and hip hop.

But he’s on his way up. Hopefully, he can change the game. But I am not going to put that onus on this young brother’s shoulders. Just keep making good music, Mickey. Keep making good music.

But check him out, and let me know if I should trust him to help me rebuild my relationship to hip hop. And if you know of some hip hop artists who might bring me closer to hip hop, please let me know.


Mickey Factz on MySpace

Free Downloads:

The Highest

Africa featuring D’Angelo

The Understanding featuring Malcom X


msladydeborah said...

I stopped listening to Lady Day to check out your latest find. Mickey's decent.

I don't do hip hop very often. But, I'm definitely feeling Dead Prez's Summertime. It is definitely a nice mix.

williedynamite said...

I'll have to check for him. I like the Africa remix with D'angelo.

Keith said...

I'll have to check him out. I'm always interested in finding new music. Thanks for posting about him.

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