Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Running for a Cause

You know I love to hear of brothers and sisters doing those things “we” don’t normally do. Those things a bit off the beaten path.

The other day I’m having a conversation with this brother, Jack Nealy, and he casually mentions that he runs marathons, just like it ain't no thang. So, I’m impressed. Last week when it rained, I sprinted to the mailbox and back and thought I would never recover.

But I’m also bit skeptical. I don’t know many brothers running marathons that are not either Kenyan or Ethiopian. However, it turns out he’s the real deal though. And not only does he run marathons, he runs for a cause very near and dear to my heart—children.

He runs for a New York based group named A Team for Kids. On their site, the team articulates its mission as follows:

The Foundation carries out NYRR’s youth services’ mission by establishing running-based programs that promote children’s physical fitness, character development, and personal achievement in under-served communities. Our programs currently serve more than 50,000 children a week in almost 250 school and community centers. Having proven successful in New York City, programs are now being established across the United States and Africa.

Now, I know this brother ain’t doing anything glamorous or exciting. He’s not running up and down football fields, and he’s not running up and down basketball courts. There probably will not be crowds in the stands cheering him on at the finish line. But he is running for a cause. And he needs our support. He needs us to be the crowd in the stands; he needs for us to be his cheerleaders and sponsors.

I’ve got my Visa out right now, and I’m going to throw what little support behind him I can. But please consider going to his site and sponsor him in his efforts to help our kids. He would prefer the change that folds, but he’ll take the change that jingles too. Just click this link and the information needed is listed below:

Entrant Number: 373855

Entrant Last Name: NEALY


E.Payne said...

I definitely will. I knew someone several years ago who did the same for the NYC marathon. It's such a great thing to be able to do something from the heart, with sweat equity, for others. It just takes the focus off you and put's it where it should be, others. Especially the kids.

Seattle Slim said...

This was AWESOME to read! Thank you for sharing. His story is really inspirational and I'm going to make sure to donate.

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