Saturday, May 2, 2009

Damn, Damn, Damn!

I present to you the most iconic moment in black television.

Do you not agree?


Anonymous said...

Roots: Breaking Kunta

The symbolism, boiled my blood the first time I was forced to watch by my parents and forever will. With that being said, I think this scene was largely misinterpreted. The logical conclusion is that the physical abuse broke Toby's spirit and manhood/personhood. However, I proffer the "Uncle Tom" argument. From the vantage point of a lot of introspection,( as a youth: Why did my people allow themselves to abide this for hundreds of years?) I think he was just doing what we as black people do best: turning lemons in lemonade. At that moment he had an epiphany of sorts and realized his circumstance and resolved to: SURVIVE and PERSEVERE. Persevere and overcome. If not in your lifetime, the lifetimes of your progeny.

There is a sense of pride and dignity to be found in that which cannot be found else where.

Kim said...

Every time I see that clip. I cry

Max Reddick said...


The clip you submitted is iconic. And you were very right in your remarks. Maybe I should have qualified my remarks by saying, one of the most iconic.


That is a sad moment indeed. However, it is also a very powerful moment.

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