Saturday, May 2, 2009

Television Review: South Central

I was just getting my Saturday morning groove going—you know, doing the blog thing, watching old black sitcoms on TV-One—when the 1994 sitcom South Central came on. Do you remember this one? I remember hearing of it, but I don’t ever remember watching it. Follow this link to take a peek at the pilot if you want to refresh your memory.

Well anyway, it seems the series got plenty critical acclaim, but it lasted only one season,

And I can see why. It’s a good series. But it was marketed as a sitcom. However, its subject matter—death, gangs, drugs, poverty—is much too serious for that format. Granted, there are a few laughs, but overall, its depressing as hell. I felt guilty for chuckling. Perhaps, it might have done better if it had been marketed as a drama.

It looks like only eight episodes were made; however, you might want to check it out just to catch appearances by Jennifer Lopez and Larenz Tate early in their careers.

Note: It must be Vivica Fox day on TV-One. She has starred in the last two movies. I take it that she’s a negro favorite.


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