Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama and the White House Correspondence Dinner

The White House Correspondents' Dinner was held this weekend. According to published reports, President Obama was a hit. President Obama appears as though he has a healthy sense of humor. Is he writing his own stuff or does someone write it for him? Some quarters did take him to task because he did not wear a bowtie. You know they had to find something.

He got in a shot at Fox Network, though it was not as strong a shot as I would have hoped. It was funny though. I wish the camera had panned over so we could get a look at their faces. Also, he took a shot at Michael Steele who was in attendance, but I don’t know if Michael Steele had the sense to even know he was being clowned. He was probably just glad to get the attention. What a shame.

Most of the opprobrium, however, was aimed at Wanda Sykes. But I don't see what the uproar is. It was a little heavyhanded but it's Wanda Sykes; what do you expect? What did they think they would get? The right sure can sling shit, but they certainly get seriously offended when the shit is hurled back in their direction.


Anonymous said...

Wanda Skyes is a B list actor/comedienne trying to create some buzz via racy humor. I did not find her to be all that funny, however I respect those who do as well as her endeavors to make an honest living at the profession of her choice. As far as the conservatives are concerned, what do you expect? The folk who scrutinize what type of "accouterments" Obama choses to use on his burger? Fairness and objectivity? Those virtues are anathema to them. More power to her.

Kim said...

I loved the routine and would have found it over the top had the repubs had not dished out their crap of their own.. That shall be a reaping for what is sown.. My only disappointment was that she didn't have any jabs for Sean Hannity and Elizabeth Hasslebeck

Max Reddick said...

B list actor/comedian? Perhaps you are right, but she is making a good living for herself on the B list. She is well known and respected. Is she still on that sitcom playing that white ladies best friend.

Kim, you are right. After some of the absolutely inane things I heard about Obama during and after the election, they don't have the right to be indignent.

Anonymous said...

Dont get me wrong, I wish I was on the B list or rather making B list money. I was establishing her motive as being "buzz" and being mean spirited. That show that you speak of is my very favorite: "Curb your Enthusiasm". She is very funny in her role, as herself.

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