Friday, May 1, 2009

Scared Shitless

You know, this thing is getting way out of hand. At one time, it was quite humorous watching the republicans while they chased their tails looking for a message or any kind of traction, but now its gotten just plain scary. A night or two ago, I caught a snippet of North Carolina’s representative Virginia Foxx, who in testifying against the expansion of Federal hate crimes legislation, labeled the death of Matthew Shepard as a complete and elaborate hoax. I could not help but shake my head. I don't think she took the time to think that statement through.

Did she even bother to research the Matthew Shepard case before she stood in from of Congress? Did she take the time to discuss her ideas with someone, at least someone with fairly good sense, before she stood up there and performed the equivalent of farting loudly in front of an audience?

Just one question. Are the GOP party members even thinking now or are they simply spouting shit off the top of their heads. The other night that lady from Minnesota—what’s her name, Michele Bachman—was on some show saying something absolutely crazy and off the wall. It seems every time she opens her mouth, foolishness comes out.

It’s one thing when citizens get in front of the cameras and advance all kinds of half-baked conspiracy theories, but when the person in front of the camera advancing the half-baked conspiracy theory is an member of the governing body of the United States of America, we all could be doomed. They are making decisions that effect my life and the lives of my children, yet it seems that they are so divorced from any semblance of reality that any decision they make, be it paper or plastic or whatever, is inherently flawed.

On a previous post, I stated that we needed at least two viable political parties engaging in effective dialogue if we were to ever come out of this mess. Scratch that because at least one of those two parties are not viable at this moment. Instead, I’d settle for a group of people thinking rationally and carefully weighing the efficacy of the various available solutions. Because at this point, we can’t rely on the GOP; they seemed to be on some of that new and improved shit.

Scared Shitless in Florida


Kim said...

Umm it's called due diligence lady.. She should be shamed.

Max Reddick said...

That has got to qualify as malpractice of some kind!

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