Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Little Boys Are Made of

I said I wouldn’t do any more posts like this. I said that I would keep the GOP’s name out of my mouth and off my blog. In the state the party is in now, it's just not worth mentioning. To criticize them has become all too easy. But then sometimes you see something so utterly foolish, so completely inane, that you have to say something.

It seems next week the RNC will meet in an emergency session, and during that emergency session a resolution to rebrand the Democratic Party the Democrat Socialist Party is on the agenda.

Come on now, WTF? Is that the best the GOP can come up with? I’m disappointed. Hell, I’m just plain pissed!

Let me reiterate my position. Democracy works best when rational beings, regardless of ideology and party affiliation, come to the table with rational ideas and then work to come to a consensus through compromise. But the GOP is not holding up their end of the bargain. It’s been quite a while since they have come up with any idea worth a damn. And now it becomes abundantly clear that they don’t have jackshit. The best they can do is to resort to some old playground shit. It appears the party is populated with a bunch of spoiled little boys. Even Michael Steele in his infinite wisdom has all but said this ain’t going to work; it’s just going to backfire in their faces.

Let me take time to explain the ramifications of an irrelevant opposition party. Extremism in any form is undesirable. We just lived through eight years of extremist driven government with Bush. But to swing too far left is equally unacceptable. But the absence of rational thought from the right is all but taking the GOP out of the game. Far leftward we go!

I would like to think we could expect more from our elected leaders and officials. I would think someone with courage and halfway good sense would stand up and put an end to the foolishness. It's time for someone to show us just what the GOP is really made of. But it appears ignorance and conceit are the things these little boys are made of.

NOTE: It also came to my attention that Sarah Palin is writing a book that is to be published by Rupert Murdock. Or, better still, Sarah Palin is “collaborating” (wink, wink) on a book. Even further, that book is expected to bring Palin a huge payday. That she still remains a relevant and viable figure in certain circles is further evidence of the dearth of rational thought on the right.


RiPPa said...

This is probably the smartest thing Michael Steele has said as far as shaping the future of his party. Yes, this crap ain't gonna work and yes it's going to backfire.

But like you said...

they fall short on the new ideas dept., and I think Mehgan McCain was right when she said they were a bunch of old ass people who are scared shitless.

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