Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Morning Services with Bishop Don "Magic" Juan

First, a question: Who ordained this negro as a bishop? What denomination?

Anyway, a soulbrother digresses. I first encountered Bishop Don “Magic” Juan many years ago. He was a guest on some talk show, maybe Oprah or Donahue, and was promoting his book “From the Pimp Stick to the Pulpit.” I was pretty incredulous at the time. From his actions and demeanor on the show, it appeared he had just moved his pimp game from the streets into the tax shelter of the ministry.

I always wondered just went on in his church’s services. Now through the magic—pun intended—of modern technology, we can get a glimpse. I just wish we could get to hear the sermon.

Now it seems he has taken his ministry to new levels. In the clip below he refers to himself to himself as the archbishop. He is now a spiritual advisor to Snoop Dogg as well as holds Snoop’s weed stash. What denomination did you say that was again?

What's that I smell? Possibly, hell-fire and damnation?


Kim said...

SMH... that is all I can muster.

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