Monday, September 28, 2009

39 lessons for boys [Guest post by Kenn Bivins]

Guest blogger Kenn Bivins spends some quality time with his two sons.

This first appeared on Kenn Bivins’ eponymous blog, kenn bivins. I have always admired Kenn's work because the absolute love of affection he has for his sons seems to color everything he does.

Additionally, Kenn has the singular distinction of being the very first reader to leave a comment on my blog when I started back in March of this year. I still have that comment saved in my email. Thanks for your support, Kenn!

The legacy of a father is what he leaves in his stead for his children. I love my sons (and nephews) and at age 39, the following are 39 lessons or observations I hope to teach (or have taught) them. This is, by no means, a comprehensive list.

1. manhood is earned, not inherited

2. there is a God

3. you are not Him

4. but God did make you special

5. give more than you take

6. don’t run with the crowd, unless you’re the leader

7. make your life, your work

8. never make work, your life

9. failure is a sign that you’re trying

10. never never never give up

11. no one owes you anything

12. true education starts after school ends

13. money is not equal to success

14. never lose self-control (unless you want to)

15. healthy relationships are built on communication which leads to trust

16. physical confrontation with a girl/woman = lose/lose odds

17. credit card debt is a brutal master

18. if you can’t afford it with cash, save for it or pass it by

19. learning starts with leaving your comfort zone

20. invest in teaching others what you learn

21. love yourself before you expect a girl/woman to love you

22. never point a gun that you’re not prepared to shoot

23. some fights are best won by walking away

24. don’t judge others just because they are different from you

25. learn from the mistakes of others

26. save more than you spend

27. girls/women think completely different from you

28. celebrate the differences

29. give respect to others

30. let your presence command respect from all

31. give thanks daily for what you have

32. it’s okay to cry

33. smile more than you frown

34. stand up straight

35. (almost always) tell the truth

36. look people in the eyes when you talk to them

37. self-discipline comes from you and only you

38. always consider the consequence

39. seek God always


uglyblackjohn said...

After watching the video of a kid being beaten to death - this post could be titled "Prevention 101".

Lyn Marie said...

I love these lessons! I use them when ever I can with my boys. :)

My friend Kenn always has great advice to give. As a single parent of 2 boys, it's great to have the back up and wisdom of the village to help out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list. I'll make sure to go over and tell Kenn.

I'm reading Big Russ and Me. I'm going to let my son read it when I'm finished.

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