Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Well, Labor Day is upon us signaling the end of summer. And a good summer it was. I certainly hate to see it end. But such is progress. We must constantly move forward, but I just can’t seem to wait for next summer to begin. I got some big plans for next summer.

And as I check my calendar, I realize that for some reason, I chose today as the day to begin my lifestyle change, as the day to begin eating healthier and exercising regularly. But I’ll have to put that off until tomorrow. At the present, I just am not strong enough to turn down ribs and red meat hot off the grill. Plus, you have to crawl before you walk. I’m still not sure why I even chose today anyway. What was I thinking?

Today I’ll stuff myself with stuff I know I should not be eating. And tomorrow I will attempt to make up for it by eating all kinds of exotic fruit and cheeses, some of which I cannot even pronounce. And maybe I’ll even be able to get up early enough in the morning to try this new running routine a friend sent me.

Hey, maybe if I do well with my new healthier lifestyle choices, next Labor Day I can treat myself to all the foods I will have to give up during the year. That’s something to strive for. I knew we could work this thing out.

So, today I won’t hold you long. If you are reading this, thanks for stopping by and sharing a few minutes of your Labor Day with me. I wish I had something more substantial to offer you, but right now I have some meat to season up really well and a grill to heat to just the right temperature. Plus, I need to find out who is bringing the potato salad. You know you just can’t eat everybody’s potato salad.

Have a wonderful day. Enjoy your family and friends. And stuff yourself without guilt.


joe said...

Caution, ranting below:

Well, we had a lousy summer here in New York state, thank you very much. I don't hate to see it go at all.
We had exactly 2 weekends with no rain. And the whole summer was unseasonably cold and wet.
And the leaves had already started changing colors 3 weeks ago.
And here in the northern adirondacks, it's incredibly buggy and there's no real decent place to swim, and the couple of lakes we do have never really warmed up because it's been unseasonably cold.
did I mention it's been cold??
and 2 weekends with no rain....

msladydeborah said...


Summer has not ended yet. That does not happen until September 23 or 22nd, depending on how you want to view the earth at that time.

This is the last holiday of the summer. In our part of the union it is still summertime. And we will be holding on this season until the leaves start to change on the trees. We are in no rush for these events to occur. This is hawk country. In a couple of months it will be cold and heck and we'll be looking at snow.

It's been a cool wet summer here. But I am good with that climate. It is usually hotter than hell in the O-State during August. I've had a decent summer season. There is still time to que up, picnic, we are going to King's Island to do some serious roller costering.

Mother Nature will let us know when it is time to pack our summer lives away. Until then-I plan to enjoy every second, minute and hour of this season. Cause once it is gone-it will be time to get ready for the real weather deal. I like snow-I hate extreme cold. And we get extreme cold weather in Ohio.

Let me share some wisdom about making life changes with you.

One day-one thing at a time. I find this method helps to make alterations happen. A few years ago, I put on more weight that I've ever carried in a non-pregnant state. I had to work it off one day at a time. I found that if I elimnated one of my faves and replaced it with something different the adjustment worked out.

I still eat chocolate on a daily basis. You'd better be prepared to fight if you mess with my Pepsi. I love potato chips in all flavors. I eat these foods too.

But I also make sure that my meals are providing me with the nourishment that I honestly need at my age.

Why not spend time watching some of the shows on the food channel. You'll get tons of great ideas and nutritional tips.

I hope that things work out for you in this area. We all need to make adjustments and work on staying healthy and well.

Keith said...

I hope you had a fantastic holiday. You deserve it. Good luck with everything. I wish you the best. Have a great week ahead.

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