Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Web-based Resources for the Parents and Educators of Young Black Males

In an effort to provide additional information and resources to those raising young black males, I have put together a list of web resources that I hope you will find useful in that regards. This list is in no ways comprehensive; I am sure there are more than a few I may have missed. So, if you know of any additional links, please leave them in the comments section.

Raising Him Alone

The is perhaps the most comprehensive site providing resources and support for single mothers raising boys. The site includes empowerment activities, various multi-media resources, parenting resources and strategies, and date and research.

If you are a mother raising a son alone, this is a site you cannot afford to overlook. Also, if you are on Facebook, you can join the site’s Facebook group. [Click here to access site.]

Tied to Greatness

Tied to Greatness is the official site for the Tied to Greatness National Tour that seeks to improve the self-image and esteem of at-risk, inner-city males. The site gives a comprehensive overview of the tour to include a video presentation.

The site also includes a listing of volunteer opportunities as well as links to a number of articles aimed at improving the lives of young black males.

If you work for or are in charge of an institution or organization serving young black males, then you should definitely give this site a look. It might be worth the time and effort to encourage the tour to visit your institution or organization. [Click here to access site.]

The Black Star Project

The Black Star Project was founded for the expressed purpose of improving the quality of life in the black and Latino communities of Chicago and nationwide by eliminating the racial achievement gap.

The site contains a comprehensive overview of the program in addition to a catalogue of means by which you can get involved. [Click here to access site.]

Resources for Parents and Teachers Working with Boys and Young Men

This resource is in the PDF format and includes an extensive list of videos to watch with the young male in your charge, books for boys to have read to them or read themselves. The list was compiled in an effort to drive rich, provocative discussions. [Click here to access PDF.]

junior the Magazine

junior the Magazine is billed as the premier resource guide for engaged parents and educators of boys 9 to 19. junior features resources, feature columns from leading experts, informative articles and product reviews. [Click here to access site.]


Charles J said...

Great resources. I would add two books to the list

(1) "Letters to a Young Brother" by Hill Harper

(2) Nathan McCall "Makes Me Wanna Holler"

Both are excellent books to give to young black men. Both are about life experience, but from two different points of view, Hill's being upper middle class and Nathan's being lower middle class.

ProfGeo said...

As far as books, I would add as a resource: The Warrior Method: A Parents' Guide to Rearing Healthy Black Boys, by Raymond Winbush.

I differ with Charles on the Hill Harper book, as I think it is more of a book that parents might want their children to get into. I know it resonates with teachers. That said, you can't predict with certainty what will be considered a good read by kids, so in that sense it's worth a try.

Kristen {RAGE against the MINIVAN} said...

Great list - thank you!

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