Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Soliloquy for Fools: Thoughts on the President's Address & the Fool Who Yelled Out from the Audience

Let me preface everything I have to say today by stating that I believe neither the democrats nor the republicans have posited a tenable argument in the so called health care debate that has captured our attention as of late. Neither side has turned in a laudable performance.

However, at this point, I believe the advantage must go to the democrats simply because the fact of their seeming timidity, disunity, and lack of a coherent message has been largely obfuscated by the shamefully loathsome behavior of the republicans.

In all their pointed malfeasance, I don’t think the Republican Party has been able to win anyone over; they have only managed to stir up the hornets nest of crazies that are convinced of the divinity of their mission. All they have managed to do is to introduce a new level of confusion and anxiety.

However, I believe President Obama’s speech to have been successful in rearranging the playing field. Given a primetime television and cable audience, he was able to outline his plan, albeit not without a few gaps, and debunk some of the lies of the right. Not only that, he was able set a certain tone. He left the door open for bipartisanship, but also apprised those standing in the way that he would move forward without them.

But I believe the most telling moment of the night came when South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson brazenly and all so rudely and disrespectfully yelled out in response to the president’s promise that healthcare coverage would not be extended to illegal aliens, “YOU LIE!”

Oh, but haven’t they gotten beside themselves? Keep in mind that for eight full years, President Bush lied in almost every instance he stood before a microphone. But in all that time, no one yelled out “YOU LIE!”, even when it became plain that his verity was to be questioned.

But this is the sticky part. When Congressman Joe Wilson yelled out “YOU LIE!”, he had to have known it was indeed he who was lying. He had to have known that the various healthcare bill proposals forbade that coverage be extended to illegal aliens. At this point, perhaps, he realized that the nation might be ready to believe the president’s message, and in a last ditch effort, he attempted to insert a bit more misinformation and confusion.

However, his greatest effort may have been his greatest undoing. In his insolent audacity, he revealed his party’s dependence on emotion rather than reason. In violating all established rules of decorum, he revealed the Republican Party’s only message to be a soliloquy for fools in which they are characters on the stage of their own exaggerated efficacy, shouting lines filled with bigotry, with cynicism, with lies and misdirection, and reveling in the applause without realizing only they are clapping.


Kim said...

You know it doesn't matter whether anything is right or wrong with Obama's plan or not, political dissent is the american way and always will be. No one should be outraged at anyone disagreeing with the President but it is the lack of disrespect shown. It pains me that people feel that its okay to disrespect OUR President and lets be real, we all know why that is. Wether you agree with our Commander-in-Cheif or not the office he hold deserves to be respected. We endured 8 years of poor decision making that has this country in the mess it's in today and our current president is trying to get this country back on track and make it better again and instead of being a party to a solution, all the repub party really is doing is pissing people off.. And it seems to me like any representative from South Carolina ought to be on their P's and Q's.. First Sandford and now this idiot on roller skates, Joe Wilson.okay so he apologized-- so what.. but you know they say he called the White House to apologize and he got a hold of Rham Emanuel--man I would have paid good money to have heard that bleeping conversation...ROFL. And I love how his opponent just raised $200,000 in campaign contributions because of idiotic tourettes moment.

Max Reddick said...

@ Kim

I agree with you 100& and not just because you wear fly hats. Dissent is part of the process, but there are ways to disagree and to express your opinion. I have never seen this level of disrespect out of citizens and certainly out of government officials. That was ridiculous. And I bet Rahn jumped deep, deep, deep into that behind, Have hammer, will travel style.

When reelection time comes, I bet his opponent breaks out the video, then counts the dollars. He may have lost his office in an effort to be all sporty.

md20737 said...

I am all for reform its very much needed. Healthcare will be the straw that breaks the camels back in this economy. People cant have no jobs, no home, and no healthcare. If that happens what are the benefits of working if you gain nothing. Health care is one of the last weapons classists can use to widen the gap between the have and have nots.

Health care reform will be collector that takes the last illegally, unethical obtained dollar out of corporate americas pocket. After Enron, Tyco, Worldcom, United Health Care and numerous others I wonder if the SEC really exists and functions of if they are just paid to spout accounting terms. The latest nonsense with UHC/Igenix having to settle with NY for $400 million should have been enough to garner attention to health care. If the company settled for that much money there was obviously something going on there that was not legal. They have been in court for almost 9 years. They NY attorney general called it the biggest insurance scam in HISTORY. That says a lot.

Back to the post political dissent is healthy, but Wilson was dead wrong and he acted like woman about to break up with her man. He just stopped thinking and started acting. In this case he made himself look like a huge jerk, and probably ruined his chances for any kind of election.

I personally feel the president no matter who is should get the utmost respect at all times. Bush was never treated like this by fellow politicians. People didnt agree with him, but they never tried him like this. People have been trying President Obama since he got elected. They dont ever refer to him as president OBAMA its always Barrack Obama. As if it pains them to call him president. Also people that guns were allowed in a rally with him. That would have never happend to George W. He would called on the Patriot Act so quick and we would have never seen or heard from those guys ever again. Now this shouting and yelling at the president as if hes their equal or coworker. He is not. He is the President of the United states, he automatically gets respect.

But I must say I loved how Obama looked at ole boy and kept it moving. He showed that he doesnt buckle under pressure. I really enjoyed that part.

Citizen Ojo said...

If a young African American Boy or Girl told me they wanted to be president I would tell them don't do it. I would tell them to be a teacher, scientist, indian chief. Anything but the President. Nov 04,2008 seems so long ago now. People thought things would change. The world would be different. But it seems that history keeps repeating itself. It seems like 1960 all over again.

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

i agree with the post and the other comments...well said...

seeing part of the so-called "teabagger" rally last night, my mother said that she hasn't seen whitefolks like this since the south in the 50-60s.

looks like everyone's in for a fight...

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