Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is not what a library is for; pervs, please stay home.

This causes me a mixture of sadness and outrage. When I was a child, the library was my refuge. I spent countless hours in the library. And now, my children love the library. When they get off the bus in the evening, they always like to stop by the library for just a few minutes if only to just look through the stacks. I was overjoyed that they seemed to be fastly becoming bibliophiles like me, and I viewed the library as a safe haven.

Now that peace of mind is absolutely gone. That safe haven has been violated and defiled. Thank you, pervs, for ruining it for us all.


msladydeborah said...

A similiar incident happened at OSU a few years back. Only this person had sprayed the books. It cost quite a lot to clean up their sperm deposits. Which were sprayed all over the covers of books and shelves.

Unless you have an alike mind-this type of behavior makes no sense. It is a shame that someone lacks enough control over thier personal impulses.

williedynamite said...

Unfortunately that's how it is in a lot of big city public libraries.These people exist. they are creepy crawly slimy slippery leeches of society. Unfortunately they like to use libraries just like you and I. Why? Because there open and generally free. People have to remember that the key word is public, which means accessible to everyone.
I though this report was a bit of a hatchet job because it seemed all the reporter was concerned was shaming the pervert and and his family instead of getting on the libary's ass about their laxness about this perv. What about the Director, City librarian anyone? what do they have to say?

Ultimately the library is mostly at fault,this loser should've been immediately kicked out of there. Most libraries have certain rules that can get you ejected from the library. Eating, disruption, stalking are you telling me that there's no rule that you can't jackoff in the library.
This is where a decent security. Someone that can walk around and keep and eye on things. It's interesting how much more effective having a security staff can be.

md20737 said...

This man was out of his mind, but this is more or less a safety issue. I dont know if public libraries have security or not. But I know in college they did. What if a child saw, or emulated that. The library is at fault. The community needs to get on them.

dyet said...

More propaganda trying to get filters installed on the computer's in libraries. And I remember when I was a teen hiding near the vending machines making out with my girlfriend. There aren't many places for teens to go without crowds, the library happens to be one of them. =P

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