Saturday, April 4, 2009

All Caught up in a Craze

Call me snobbish, but I usually frown on adults who get caught up in crazes. I have a thirty-five year old nephew who spends much of his free time playing video games. And take for instance this Facebook thing, which my wife insists that it’s a lot like my blogging, but that’s another argument for another day. But anyway, I know quite a few adults who seem to invest an inordinate amount of time on this whole Facebook “experience,” and it seems, or seemed, like a big waste of time.

Well, it’s about four in the afternoon on a Saturday. I find myself behind on my honey-do and gotta do lists. You see, I’ve spent the last four hours or so absolutely engrossed in Facebook. And I feel so utterly and absolutely ashamed of myself.

I set up a Facebook account a few weeks back to simply to keep track of my teenage children. After months of them begging me to get a Facebook account, I finally acquiesced. Anyway, some old friends that I haven’t seen in years “found” my Facebook page. And then a friend from high school found my page and suggested that I join my high school’s alumni Facebook group. That led to this morning when I awoke to find messages from several high school friends. So to make a long story short, I’ve spend most of my day catching up and trading pictures.

Now my wife is pissed because the lawn still looks a mess. I’m pissed because I haven’t gotten anything done that I wanted to get done today. And my children are really pissed because they have a feeling that I’ll renege on my promise to take them to the mall.

So, I’m not really sure if Facebook is a waste of time or not. In a strange sort of way, I enjoyed myself today. I was able to chat with some old friends and take a stroll down memory lane. I even had a laugh or two. But those things I really should have been accomplishing seem to fall by the wayside. But one thing I’m still sure about. Grown men spending hours and hours playing video games is some silly shit. Maybe I’ll try it one day.


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