Saturday, April 18, 2009

TV-One: The Anti-BET

As I’ve written before, I am not a fan of television. Television sucks.

However, today I was pleasantly surprised. For the last few weeks, my wife and children have pretty much kept the television tuned to TV-One. I didn’t pay much attention, though. I caught an episode of Good Times here, an episode of Sanford and Son there. But today I got up and watched a little early morning television as I had my morning coffee. I tuned in just in time for an episode of The PJ’s, and I ended up staying for the rest of the day. Check out this classic PJ's clip embedded below.

Right before TV-One debuted, I heard the company’s president being interviewed on NPR. I was skeptical; I honestly expected another BET clone. And another BET is the last thing this world needs. But checking out the schedule, it appears that TV-One is completely antithetical to BET.

The line-up features a number of old African American themed sitcoms such as Good Times, Sanford and Son, and The Jeffersons, plus a number of African American themed movies. I caught a movie today, Out of the Darkness, starring Diana Ross that I hadn’t heard of. It was pretty good.

Besides reality shows, there does not seem to be much original programming, but TV-One is a pleasant alternative to other offerings on television.


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