Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Desperate Plea for Help

Dammit. It happened again. Again I've wasted most of my day on Facebook.

After yesterday, I thought I'd learned my lesson. So this morning I got up with a schedule designed to make up for the time I lost yesterday. I got up really early and planned to work really late.

Everything started out okay. I got up early. I got my coffee. I sat down at my computer. But before I got started, I decided to just check my Facebook page. I knew it was the wrong thing to do.

First, a message from an old friend. I had to answer back. Actually, I was excited to see it. Before I could finish answering the message, I got an instant message from an old classmate. So, I got caught in a long back and forth. I checked out a couple photo albums and surprised a few people on their walls. Then I checked my clock. Shit. Time wasted. Back to square one.

Now what? I'm behind and running out of time. I thought I was more responsible. I thought I had more self-control. Help!


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