Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Antislavery Literature Project

I got word about this project this morning from a listserv that I subscribe to. I took a brief stroll through the site and was impressed. Here is all the information as it was relayed to me:

The Antislavery Literature Project has opened three new collections.

The Legacies collection is co-edited by Holly Kent (Lehigh University), Joe Lockard (Arizona State), and Zoe Trodd (Harvard). This collection explores the intellectual and political contributions of the abolitionist movement until World War I and historical appreciations of abolitionists. A video by Zoe Trodd links these abolitionist memories to the emergence ofthe mid-twentieth-century Civil Rights Movement.

The John Brown Poetry collection presents an annotated selection of the hundreds of poems published between 1859-1920 that provide representations of John Brown and Harpers Ferry. Interpretive podcasts and poetry translations accompany the collection.

A Frederick Douglass Translations collection examines the translation history of the writings of Frederick Douglass in the context of early African American literature translations. The Project historicizes these translations and provides podcast readings of Douglass in such languages as French, Hebrew, and Spanish.

The Antislavery Literature Project, established in 2003, undertakes public scholarship by providing free, accessible digital editions of the literatures of slavery and the antislavery movement in the United States. It is based in the English Department of Arizona State University and works in collaboration with the EServer at Iowa State University. A community of scholars supports the Project efforts.


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