Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Last night as I was preparing my one hundredth day of President Obama’s presidency post, I got the news. And by now I know you have heard. And on the ninety ninth day, during the administration of Obama, Arlen Specter left the house of the republicans and was welcomed into the house of the democrats.

On the surface this is good news; however, I’m going to put off the celebration for minute because my first inclination is that this is just some ol’ opportunistic bullshit.

Specter’s defection does mean that democrats are now sixty strong in the senate, the supposed magic number. Yet that just means that there are now sixty people claiming affiliation with the Democratic Party; Specter’s net worth will be proven when it’s time to vote. If I may quote my favorite uncle, I just don’t trust that motherfucker right dar. I hope that whatever deal was cut to get him to jump ship will work toward the president and the Democratic Party’s favor.

About President Obama’s first one hundred days, I think he has acquitted himself quite well. He has made some decisions I don’t fully understand or agree with, but in the same instance, I can see the political exigencies driving those decisions. His poll numbers continue to be quite high, but the first one hundred days are wholly inadequate in judging his success or failure; his success or failure rests on the ability of people to go back to work and be able to pay their bills

As we move forward, I do so with great anticipation and just a bit of skepticism. And I’ll have my eye on that Arlen Specter character.


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