Saturday, July 25, 2009

GOP Nutz Watch Nutz Newz of the Week: Week Ending 07/24/2009

It’s that time again. Time for us to give deez nutz a quick onceover.

Where do we begin? Let’s begin with the very mother of foolishness, the biggest nut of them all, Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin was relatively quiet last week. But this week, as her governorship winds down, she got her some more face time on all the media outlets. But I don’t think it is the kind of face time she really likes or craves so desperately.

Even as she moves hurriedly towards the door of the governor’s office, Palin was hit with, what else, another ethics charge. [See full story here.] She quickly reacted by citing this new ethics charge as the reason why she was resigning in the first place. But could the real reason be because she seems to keep getting caught?

It seems the soon to be ex-governor Palin’s main complaint is that people keep calling her on her foolishness. Every falsehood, every gross exaggeration, every vindictive deed, every misappropriation and misuse of funds she gets called on. And this is what’s really driving her nutz. Before she hit the big stage, much of it she would have gotten away with, but in the big leagues, every move you make is under scrutiny. And I guess she just can’t handle the heat. But anyway, let’s allow David Letterman to properly frame her farewell:

Elsewhere in the nutty world of the far right, the conspiracy theorists were busy at work clinging tenaciously to the ridiculous already debunked charge that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen, therefore is not the legitimate president. If he is not the legitimate president, then who is? But I digress.

The theory would most likely die out on its own. Most of the right has given up on it, but the nuttiest of the nutty just won’t let it die. And with members of the mainstream media like CNN’s Lou Dobbs lending it credibility by re-visiting it day after day, the conspiracy theory survives to live another day.

From the language of the “Birthers,” it becomes painfully clear that this whole missing birth certificate theory is not so much about justice as it is about race. If you observe the clip below, the lady screams emphatically, “I want my country back!” Inherent in that statement is the implicit notion that somehow “others” have taken the country via a coup of some kind. There is more than one way of calling a man a nigger. You be the judge:

But if deez nutz are anything, they are predictable. And if there is one thing we can predict out of them is hypocrisy. And this week more information was made known about “The C Street House,” a house that serves as a home away from home for at least five GOP congressmen. At this house, the congressmen hold group prayer sessions, prayer meetings, and seek Christian counseling. And it is also notorious as the spot where the latest GOP sex scandals either jumped off or were discussed.

South Carolina governor Mark Sanford is said to have visited the house at one time or another, and he even cited the house in his long, rambling speech confessing his infidelity. John Ensign lives at the house, and he too sought counseling there during his affair with a staffer. Another GOP senator was reported to have even carried on an affair right there in the house.

Prayer and Christian counseling, huh? I don’t ever remember church being like that. But take a look at the following video and article and decide for yourself. [Click here for article.]

Another thing we can depend on deez nutz to do is to stand in the way of real progress. This week they set their sights on healthcare reform. But actually they did not have to do much. Some members of the Democratic Party did their job for them. Not only that, Harry Reid is spineless.

But while opposing healthcare reform, they could posit no ideas of their own. In fact, all they had to offer was rhetoric and outright lies in an attempt to stir up opposition to President Obama’s efforts to spearhead healthcare reform. Such has become their standard response. Listen to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ healthcare bill floor speech:

But before I leave, I would have to have one last word on the arrest of Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates. Of course Dr. Gates’ arrest has been discussed and dissected across the range of media so I will not rehearse the details here; however, I will take the time to disclose what I think to be Dr. Gates’ real crime, the reason he was really arrested.

Dr. Gates was arrested because he dared question the powers that be. He was arrested because he wouldn’t act the part of obsequious African American male as the law expects, even as his manhood and subjecthood is being assailed, but chose instead to protest. This must have thrown the arresting officer off-kilter. This must have enraged him. And despite the officer stating that race was not an issue, we all know different.

And the racially tinged politics of the conservative movement was very much in evidence. Despite all their talk of the sanctity of the home, they failed to come to Dr. Gates’ defense when all Dr. Gates did was to protest that his home was being violated. Instead they took the side of the Cambridge PD in surmising that Gates perhaps had a racial chip on his shoulder. Post racial my black assumptions.

And that’s you nutz newz for the week ending July 24, 2009.

And remember, your favorite soulbrother is always hard at work watching deez nutz so you don’t have the discomfort of watch them for yourself.


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