Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend African American Cinema Suggestion: Mandingo

I'm not sure if Mandingo would count as a Blaxploitation film, but it is one of my favorite African American movies. It stars boxing heavyweight champion Ken Norton. [Click here for a complete synopsis.]

My film student son was digging through a crate of my old VHS tapes when he came across this gem. He watched the movie two or three times and was so inspired, he decided to rewrite it as a musical.

I'm waiting on that one! I am especially curious as to how he will treat the following scene, my favorite scene of the movie:

Anyway, if you find yourself not doing anything at any time this weekend and want to be entertained, pick up a copy of this movie. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


msladyDeborah said...

I saw this film when it first hit the theatre.

How long ago has that been?

Wait..don't answer that for real...thanks!

Orchid said...

whoa! i wanna see it! Thanks for putting it up!

Max Reddick said...

@ msladydeborah

Do you remember how it stirred up so much debate? It was so taboo.

@ Orchid

Yeah, check this one out. You should like this one.

Keith said...

I've always wanted to see this one.

My movie viewing this weekend is Jim Brown's Slaughter.

Have a good weekend.

Kim said...

I remember watching this movie on HBO when I was young and feeling very disturbed by it.

joe said...

I'm still trying to figure out what "mandingo" stands for..

RiPPa said...

How did I not know you would have the clip of this particular scene?!!

That was indeed powerful.

P.S. watch for my facebook invite.

KST said...

@ Kim: Me too! I was very upset after seeing this movie. I can still recall being pissed on so many levels.

Lamine said...

@ Joe and anybody wondering what Mandingo stands's a largely spanned tribe in west Africa. Manging use to be a great Empire in Africa and the language is called Mandingo Gambia,Liberia, sierra leone.., or bambara in Mali, or Dula in Ivory coast and Burkina faso, maninka in Guinea Conakry... westerners only know us by the xx side (for what reason?, i don't know). So there it is, i'm maninka (meaning somebody from Manding) and when i watched this movie i understand few words although vocal transformations occur.
Cheers, hit my blog:

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