Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Voices along the Margins: Surrealist Filmmaker David Lynch's The Interview Project

Some time ago, surrealist filmmaker David Lynch, along with his son Austin and a friend, embarked on a 70 day, 20,000 mile road trip across the United States and back again. The trip resulted in a series of interviews of people, most living on the very margins of society, they found along roadsides, in bars, and various other unlikely locales.

In each interview, Lynch allows each subject a voice, a chance to tell his or her story that he or she might never have had otherwise. Some of the voices are outlandish. Some are disturbing while others are depressingly sad. Some are jubilant, and some awe inspiring. But all are interesting nonetheless and deserve your attention.

Take a look at The Interview Project as Lynch releases one interview every three days for a year. Your life will be richer for having done so.

More from David Lynch at DAVIDLYNCH.com


msladydeborah said...

Okay Soul Brother,

Are you just going to post the intro? Or are we going to see more of this film? Because I am a documentary addict too. This is my type of film making.

It sounds like an interesting project. I am sure that David Lynch learned a lot on this journey.

Max Reddick said...

Just click on the link to the site. There you will find a number of different interviews of people on the margins.

Orchid said...

This is definitely something I want to see. The lives different strangers have led fascinates me. i will check it out. Thank you Reddick!

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