Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Music Find: Jose James

When I first ran across this one over at The Assimilated Negro, I was tempted to drop it on you right then instead of waiting until tonight. But I managed to remain disciplined.
Anyway over the course of the week, I’ve been savoring the music of José James. This guy is an absolute beast. I’m not quite certain why I hadn’t heard of him before now. This is some of that new space age baby making music.

To check out some more of José James’ music, click here to check out his MySpace page.

And as always, let me know what you think.


msladydeborah said...

This is the perfect night cap to a great musical day. I like this brother's style. I'll definitely check him out.

You know soulbrother, it really bothers me that we are not hearing this type of music over the airwaves anymore. There would of been a time when a singer like Jose would of at least made it on FM.

This a.m. I spent a couple of hours listening to talent that I have never heard before. Singers with strong lyrical delivery and good musical taste. It was a great way to begin my day.

Thanks for sharing Jose.

Qwami Ade said...

Nice!! Ahh yeah I'm feelin' this. My first thought when I heard his phrasing as well as his vocal tone was wow this cat sounds like O.C Smith of Little Green Apples fame..This also brings to mind one of my favorite Miles quotes "The most important notes are the ones you don't play". You gotta love the "space"!

Lyn Marie said...

That was perfection, thanks for sharing.

Keith said...

That is wonderful. I loved it. I've never heard of him before. Thanks for sharing that with us. Great way to end this weekend.

kenn. said...

Can't believe I never heard of this guy but I'm feeling his sound.

Max, you've stepped up your game (again) so I will be expecting this quality of music sharing in the future (even when you start back to work in a few).

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