Sunday, July 5, 2009

More Info on the Death of "Air" McNair: Pictures of the Supposed Other Woman Released

Little by little, more information on the unfortunate demise of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair is being released. Not too long ago, a picture of the young lady who alledgedly took his life appeared on Huffington Post. [Click here to see photo and story.] She appears to be an average looking young Middle Eastern woman.

And the report also seems to go to great pains in reiterating that the exact nature of the relationship between McNair and this young lady is unknown. But of course the more people are told not to speculate, the more people will speculate, me included. Perhaps, especially me.

Certainly, I don’t want to believe what I fear to be true. I don’t want to believe that Steve McNair’s life was cut short as a consequence of his infidelity. But all the released information seems to point in one direction. I can only hope that I am wrong in my assumptions and later I’ll be angry and ashamed of myself for jumping to conclusions.
UPDATE: New York Times reports that McNair's death has been declared a homicide by the Nashville Police Department, but information is still scant. [Click here for complete story.]


joe said...

What a shame. I don't follow sports so I didn't know who he was, but still.

Kim said...

What an unfortunate set of circumstances. Now we don't have all the details but I think it's safe to speculate with the info we have. No one deserves death, but when will these men learn. His poor children and wife. I don't keep up with sports but everyone has said what a great guy McNair was and now his legacy will have this tied to it. That is a shame. The word of God does not admonish wisdom just for the sake of space.. It could save your life.
May he rest in peace and I hope his wife has a good insurance policy.

Max Reddick said...

Yes, that's the truth. From what I have read, he was well respected, not only within the NFL, but in the community as well. Now all the good he did will be forever tarnished by this foolishness. Says a lot for the value of just plain good judgement.

KST said...

His wife was/is gorgeous and all I'm reading from online sites is how his mistress was a "raven-haired beauty" a "stunner" who loved him. WTF ever, she is a murderer. Let's not beat around the bush. He didn't blow four holes in himself, shoot her in the head and then hide the gun under her body.

This story is pissing me off! Why? He picked her up at a Dave & Buster's for cryin' out loud! He was looking to cheat, to get laid, and instead he got shot. My sympathy is with his wife and children.

Max Reddick said...

The local newspaper reports that the two were in love and planning on getting married. He was to leave his wife within the upcoming weeks.

This is foolishness. It was enough that he was unfaithful, but everyone knows you don't fall for the other woman. That's against the rules.

But as I have said throughout this whole episode, it is those four boys of his who will suffer most.

blackink said...

Gah. I really, really hate this story.

And, in a way, I think everyone involved was a victim to varying degrees.

But you're right: Air's four fatherless boys are definitely getting the worst of a terribly tragic deal.

Bougie Applebum said...

I heard the newspaper reports on the plans to wed and the hoopla about being in love. But let's be real, this was based on hearsay - words said by the 20-year old woman to her friends and family. She probably did believe they'd get married, but we all know it's not uncommon for a man to say "I love you and I'm leaving my wife" just to get the cookie. That line is nothing new so let's stop acting like *gasp* the words have never been used before.

If the situation really unfolded as we believe then I cannot see Steve McNair as a 'victim'. He essentially dug his own grave when he decided to become an adulterer - with four boys at home. I don't condone anyone taking the life of another, but you cannot play with people and their emotions and not expect to face consequences. Unfortunately it looks like Steve faced the ultimate consequence. Too bad. So sad.

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