Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Great Incentive to Do the Right Thing

This has got to be the best incentive I’ve ever seen for pulling your pants up, staying in school, and staying out of jail. Young people, listen!

What do you think?


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I saw this episode...whew! It should definitely deter young folks from participating in the foolish that's going on these days.

Anonymous said...

It is, but it isnt. These young guys think that theyre superhuman and swear it wont happen to them.

On another note, its shameful what the system does to these men hile theyre incarcerated.

Anonymous said...

Yes there are predators in prison who rape. We(thinking human beings) need to come up with ways to stop that pathology. Some of you may believe being raped is an appropriate sanction for "crime" you're wrong. Simple question, when one throws a rock into a pool are there not ripples?? Most of these young ones will get out one day and the health and mental costs to the communities they reenter are great. Pretty cavalier attitude towards rape I think. Peace. Not just a word: a way of life.

Anonymous said...

The whole prison rape dichotomy (being that rape is deplorable in every other situation except prison, where is joked about) is allowed to persist due to the act that these men are on the margins of society. So many of them are imprisoned for drug trafficking and other crimes induced by the realities of poverty. If we ever put aside our distractions, the football games, BET awards and "reality" TV shows we would be confront be the horrors that we are complicit in.

Kim said...

I wasn't able to watch more than 60 seconds of it- but with just the lil bit I saw if I were a young man it would certainly would keep me upright!

msladydeborah said...

I saw this episode when it originally aired.

This particular possibility isn't enough to help ward off those who think that it isn't going to happen to them.

We still have to deal with the root of the problem. That is they key and money isn't going to solve all of it.

msladydeborah said...

I saw this episode when it originally aired. It ran my blood cold to even think about what he describes.

But this is not going to be scary enough to deter those who think that they are iron man tough.

We have yet to successfully deal with the root of the problem. The mentality and circumstances that lead our young men and women into prison. Until we can successfully handle our business in this area-they will continue to be on lockdown.

Sauce said...

Gotta make my 2 boys sit and watch this.

Max Reddick said...

@Curvy Girl

Yeah, I checked out this episode as well. It was a pretty powerful episode. In fact, the whole series was powerful. But I had to quit watching because it was giving me nightmares.

@ Anon 1

Regrettably, it's the truth. From working with young people, I know that reality usually doesn't set in until the cell door closes.

@ Anon 2

I know a young man who went to jail for absolute supidity at an early age and was raped repeatedly. He wasn't a bad young man, but he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time with people he never should have been with. Now he walks the street talking to himself and listening to the same song over and over again on a second or third hand Walkmen.

@ Anon 3

I do agree with you wholeheartedly. If we are to affect change, we must throw ourselves into it. What have you done to improve the lives of others today?

@ Kim

Sorry to leave you shaken. Just something to think about.

@ LadyDeborah

You are right. When I was young, I thought I was invincible as well. Luckily, I was blessed with people around me who card enough for me to stay on my behind. I know that I would share similar fates as those who are behind bars or underground if someone would not have taken an interest in me.

@ Sauce

Let them check this out and see if they look at jail the same way. Unfortunately, prison has become romanticized in our culture. When I was a child, it was absolutely disgraceful to go to "the pen" as the old folk called it.

Leo Princess said...

I wish I could watch it, but the sound quality is poor on my end. I'm sure the images would be enough for me to get the message, but the inability to hear what's being said drives me nuts. I don't think it's anything that can be done on your end. :(

Vanessa said...

Hey, Max. I'm really feeling your blog. Quality writing, compelling topics and frequency are all on point.

This video was difficult to watch. I can't imagine how and why someone like this guy wouldn't be enough of a deterrent for crime and motivation for education.

Peace - Light - Love.

Max Reddick said...

@ Leo Princess

I apologize. However, there is nothing I can do on this end. However, if you double click on the video, it should take you directly to the You Tube page and the sound should be working there.

@ Vanessa

Thank you so much for the generous compliment. I do aims to plz! Thanks for stopping by and hurry back, you hear?!

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